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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


After the phone rang for the first time without an answer, I redialed. It was about to ring off when it connected. I kept quiet, waiting to hear her say something but she didn’t, probably waiting for me to say something as well.
“Shania good morning,” I greeted cutting through the silence.
“Purity good morning, how are you?” she replied with a bit of indifference in her tune.
“I’m fine and you?”
“Shania, we need to talk. I don’t know if you can come over or should I?”
“I don’t think there is any need for that; we can discuss whatever it is on the phone.” She replied.
“Shania we need to see, we can’t do this on the phone.” I persisted.
“Purity it’s one month gone already so whatever it is you want us to talk about had better be through the phone.”
“If that is the way you want it, fine then. I have one question for you, are we done?” I asked.
“I don’t know, maybe it’s your call.” She replied unconcerned.
“If it’s my call, I wouldn’t have called you to ask. So you tell me.”
“Purity, whatever decision you make is cool with me.”
“ Shania why are you being this way? I called for us to find a way around this and you are acting so indifferent. What is it? Even if you are tired of the relationship, is this the best way to end it? Is this not long overdue to be settled? Ok then, since this is the way you want it, I guess this is where we call it off. It was a pleasure while it lasted and thanks for being a part of my life all these while. All the best,” I said and without waiting for another word from her, I dropped the call.
She started calling back immediately but I already made up my mind not to pick her call. After calling five consecutive times, she sent me a message which I deleted without reading it.
I was so pissed and for a moment I felt like smashing things. Sitting up from the bed, I went straight to the kitchen and poured myself a shot from a bottle of Mc Dowels and threw it down my throat in one swift gulp. I felt like the shot did me no good so I sent the bottle straight to my mouth gulping the contents down till it started burning my throat before I dropped it.
I went back into the room and dived on my bed, tears in my eyes. I was angry and felt like crying at the same time. Who said big boys don’t cry? I buried my face in the pillow and soaking it with my tears. It was a silent cry which came from my heart.
To Be Continued…

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