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Saturday, 10 February 2018


Precious came earlier than I expected. She had told me that she was going to hit the road immediately after the call but I didn’t know she was serious. I was just coming out from the bathroom, after I showered when I heard a knock on my net.
“Yes, who is there? Hold on,” I said tying the towel around my waist walking to the door.
“You gats be kidding me,” I said, surprised when I saw the beauty standing outside my door, all smiles. “How come? How you take appear reach here?” I asked unbolting the net as she walked in.
“Told you I was going to hit the road as soon as the call drops and that’s exactly what I did.” She replied, making a shy face.
I was stunned by her beauty. It was like she became more beautiful from the last time I saw her. I stood ogling at her while she stood like a shy little girl, smiling sheepishly, probably enjoying the scene. I couldn’t help the stir that suddenly came to my groin. When I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I gathered her into a warm tight hug, her pressed firmly to my chest,
“Do you keep becoming beautiful and Sekxy every day?” I whispered into her ears as we held tight to each other.
“And do you keep becoming handsome and Sekxy every day too ?” she whispered back.
We smiled, not breaking off the hug. Memories of the past started flooding back into my head; how I missed her. Her perfume wafted through my nose, registering in my head; how I missed that scent coupled with that of her hair. I kept growing hard under the towel that I was sure she must have felt it. Her Bosom didn’t stop heaving up and down, pushing on my chest.
“I missed you baby.” She said more like a whisper with an emotion laden tone.
“I missed you too.” I replied pressing her tighter to myself.
By intent or default our heads left each others shoulders and we were soon entangled in a bolt of hot kissing session. We kissed sucking on each others lips and tongue. How I missed her. Emotions were hitting up and if not watched, we would be getting down sooner than later. It was in the peak of the passion with our hands exploring each others body and our tongues swimming in each others mouth that my phone started ringing. We regained our minds as the phone stopped ringing midway; it was a flash.
“Woow!! That was so not expected.” I said laughing, while she followed suit.
“Yea yea and that was intense.” She replied, still laughing.
“Well, I guess that should serve as a welcome.”
“Wish all welcomes would be like this.” She replied with a wink. “And it feels good to be home.” She continued, exhaling heavily throwing herself on the bed.
“Just like they said, no place like home.” I said, taking her bag to the wardrobe.
“Yea! Yea…. Wait,” she started sitting up from the bed tilting her nose up, “where is this aroma coming from? Tell me it’s not from your kitchen. It’s a lie, baby did you cook?” she asked rushing into the kitchen not waiting for an answer.
“Oh! My gawd,” she shouted from the kitchen while I laughed changing to my briefs.
“You cooked for me?” she asked coming out from the kitchen mouth filled.
“O yea, didn’t want you to be hungry.”
“Oh! That’s so sweet,” she said wrapping her hands around my neck. “Chai!! Shania you do me bad I swear.” She continued still holding me.
I laughed when she made that comment and just then Shania came to my mind. Surprisingly, I had forgotten about Shania just the few minutes Precious had been around.
“C’mon she no do you anything,” I said breaking the hug. “You have someone better now.”
“Abeg she do me something and about having someone better, hmmm! I don’t know what to say to that sha.” She said with a dampened look, walking back to the bed.
“And what do you mean by that?” I asked sitting beside her on the bed.
“Purity I don’t know, I can’t do this with him.”
“Is he back?” I asked.
“Yes, he came back last week and can you believe that we have fought like four times since he came back.” She said looking sad.
“C’mon you know it’s always like that in every beginning. It doesn’t always start smoothly.”
“Baby this one is too much. Since we started it’s just like things changed. We don’t seem to agree on anything anymore. His view to everything is so different from mine and he insists on having the last say. Ok, just imagine, two days ago he wanted us to go out but I wasn’t in the mood. I tried explaining to him but he flared up and walked out on me.” She complained resting on my shoulder while I pulled her closer, my hand around her waist.
“Precious you know every beginning is always hard. With time things will get better. You guys are just trying to bond and personal differences are bound to interfere.” I consoled.
“Purity don’t preach to me. I know a relationship that will work if I see one. It’s just so clear that he has been pretending all these while. His real character just started surfacing. He has this archaic mentality that I can’t put up with. Ok the other day, he was practically commanding me to come over to his house and cook for him. I tried telling him to wait till the next week, which was what we planned but he started cursing saying all sorts of things.”
I laughed as she complained about her new relationship. I didn’t know the consolation word to offer again.
“It’s not just like what we had.” She continued.
“Precious, stop comparing that guy to me. People are different; he must not be like me. He is who he is and I am who I am. Maybe you have just closed your mind to knowing him.”
“I didn’t say he needs to be like you. I don’t even know how to define him. This last week I have had so much to complain about and you think it’s going to stop? Nah, I don’t see it stopping because I think his real character is just starting to rear its head.”
“Well don’t worry,” I said rocking her. “He will come around and you guys are definitely going to be great together.”
“I doubt that.”
“But come on, is it just everything about him that you are complaining about. I believe he will be super bedmatically as Akwa-Ibom man wey he be.” I said with a wink.
“Baby I don’t even want to go there so please don’t even drag me there.”
“Well it is going to be fine ok and before you continue with your complaints, let’s eat.” I said standing while she followed me.
To Be Continued…

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