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Friday, 9 February 2018


When I got home, I met Niyola and Funke outside washing. We hailed as I headed to my room without stopping to chat with them. IJ’s room was locked so I didn’t bother checking up on her.
When I got into my room, I pulled out my phone and dialed Shania after much contemplation. I got no response at all at first which made me redial. After a while the network provider told me that the number was not reachable.
I dropped my phone on the bed and changed heading towards the kitchen. I had nothing in mind to cook so I opted to make cornflakes. I ate, came out and noticed a piece of paper on my cart. I have a habit of knowing how I leave my room and if anything changes, I always know. The piece of paper wasn’t there before I left to Uyo that morning. I picked up the paper and it was a note written by IJ.
‘I met you when it never crossed my mind that we will have anything. We started off as friends, before we bonded or should I say before I got attracted to you. At first I thought it was just something that happens after a good S£x but over time I realized it wasn’t just about the S£x, it was more than that.
I never thought I would have something to do with a corper let alone someone I stay in the same compound with. I really wanted to restrict myself and the feelings but I guess our feelings has a mind of its own. I knew you had a girlfriend but the heart still wanted what it craved for.
Purity I tried all I could to halt my feelings for you but I couldn’t. I feel whole and complete being with you I feel responsible around you. I never had anybody I care about like you. I never had anybody I felt responsible for like you, (laughs).
When I realized how strong my feelings for you were growing, I started hating every girl around you. It was more to me like they were competitors, but in all these, to you I was just that girl in your lodge or probably the one you have had enough of.
Well, I guess I have bottled it up enough and saying it out feels a whole lot better, yes it does.
I am not like you that hardly talks to people about how you feel and for that I’m going to tell you this. I am hurt; I feel hurt and heartbroken; I don’t know why or rather, I know and I guess you know as well.
I am sorry this is coming up now when your relationship is shaky but believe me, it’s with no hidden intention. I won’t tell you that I can handle my feelings or try to get over you, nah it wouldn’t be that easy and I wouldn’t even try it. I hate emotional struggles but I guess I’m so roped in into it now. How messy it can be to love someone who has someone they love, its so frustrating that you can’t imagine it, (laughs).
Don’t see me as being pathetic, choice less or desperate, nah, I am none of them. I just chose to, well not as if I so wanted to but my heart just chose to stay with you, it never gave me options.
I know you will try to contact me after reading this but don’t ok? I will be away for just a couple of days, might be up to a week or two and will be back before you know it. Just need to cool off. I trust you can take care of yourself till I come back. I made a pot of rice for you, it’s in my room and don’t get ideas, I didn’t poison it, (laughs).
Purity, this word from me might not mean anything to you but I will say it anyways, I LOVE YOU.’
To Be Continued…

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