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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Over the next one week things went smoothly and normal at work; also between IJ and I. we had gradually cut off all the Sekxual part of our friendship and enjoyed it platonically.

Though at first she took to staying in her room, away from me but after a couple of days, things returned to normalcy.

Purity had not shown her face around anymore and had kept it all formal with me on the phone. At first I thought she was pissed with me over something and confronted her. She had told me that she wasn’t pissed but just wanted to keep her distance and show her face only when she is wanted.

I had waited all week for Shania, checking my phone, always hoping to see her chat or call but had gotten none. During the week, I had changed my Display Picture constantly in a bid to draw her attention but never got it.

Precious on her part had called me constantly asking if had made peace with her but I had kept giving her excuses of how she has not been reachable.

I didn’t know what to think anymore between Shania and I, the more I waited for her to reach out to me the more I thought that she has gotten over me and moved on. I kept on with not wanting to contact her because I didn’t want it to look like I was dragging her since I already made the first move.

Strangely, the following day after I saw her on WhatsApp, I stopped seeing her ‘last seen’. I could see every other contacts’ ‘last seen’ but hers remained hidden. It just seemed like we returned to playing hide and seek on WhatsApp.

Another week started and was about to round up and still no word from Shania or any improvement. The flare I had in me to make peace was burning out gradually.

On Thursday of the following week, I woke up and decided to make the last and final effort to remedy what I had with Shania. I called her three times and each call rang out without an answer. Not giving up hope, I sent her a WhatsApp message and also sent an SMS to her phone.

By the time I was done preparing for CDS, I checked my phone again and realized that the message I sent on WhatsApp has been read but I got no reply. As I left for CDS with IJ, I kept checking my phone at every beep hoping that it will be a message from Shania but always got disappointed.

Throughout the CDS and afterwards, I kept checking my phone till it was obvious that she wasn’t going to reply. I resigned myself to the thought that she has moved on and it’s time for me to do same.

To Be Continued…

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