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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


The next morning being Saturday, after my work out, I packed the new phone and left for Uyo. When I got there, I stopped by a bank and withdrew #50,000 from the ATM before heading to Shania’s place.
On getting to the entrance, I met Tonia spreading her clothes on the line outside. She was surprised seeing me as we exchanged pleasantries.
“This one you are here, hope we are safe?” she asked with the surprise look still on her face.
“Yea yea you are so safe. Is Shania around?”
“Shania? She traveled two days ago didn’t she tell you?”
“Ummmm!!! I didn’t know she was serious about it when she told me,” I lied to cover up the embarrassment I felt. “Ok then, I guess I should be on my way but help me deliver this to her when she comes back.” I continued handing over the brown envelope containing the money and phone to her.
“Ok” she replied collecting it from me.
As I turned to go, she called, stopping me on my track,
“Purity… I don’t know if you have some minutes to spare, there is something I want to discuss with you.”
“Ok no probs, what is it?” I asked turning towards her.
“Can we go inside?”
She led the way as I followed behind her into the sitting room.
“Make yourself comfy let me drop this.” She said heading to her room.
I settled on one of the cushions looking around the room, my eyes finally settling on Shania’s door. I couldn’t just believe that things would turn out like this between us just in a matter of months. I was still in my thoughts when she came out from her room.
“What can I offer?” she asked.
“Don’t worry, I’m ok thanks.”
“Ok, if you say so,” she said sitting on the couch opposite mine. We stayed for some moments in silence before she started.
“Ummm!! I know this might not be any of my business but I hope you don’t mind. I don’t know what is wrong with Shania. She has been a wreck for some weeks now. Maybe it has something to do with you or your relationship but she has refused to talk to anybody. These past few weeks, she locks herself inside her room crying most times. Worst being that she hardly eats. If you saw her before she traveled, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. For the past three weeks, she has not been to our PPA neither has she been going for CDS, all she does is lock herself in the room crying. I had wanted to call you but she stood firmly against it. Shania was emotionally messed up before she traveled and I am not sure she is coming back anytime soon.
I know she will be mad if she finds out that I talked to you, but I can’t just wait and watch her. I’m worried about her,” she concluded.
“Did she tell you what’s wrong with her?” I asked.
“Nah. she refused talking to anybody. All these started the day she came back from your house crying and she has been like that since then.”
“Well, the truth is, we had a little issue and said things. Since then we have not talked to each other. But I will talk to her. I will call her.”
“Please please you need to call her and settle things. If I took pictures before she travelled, I would have shown you. She looked sick and dying.”
“I will call her,” I reassured.
“Purity please, we girls can be foul mouthed and irrational sometimes. Please just forget whatever she said or did. She regrets them now, believe me.” She pleaded.
“Ok, thanks for talking to me. Should I say that I’m grateful? Yea I am.” I said smiling.
“You don’t have to, just doing what I should have done.”
“I think I should be on my way.” I said standing to leave. “How about the other girl?” I asked.
“She is fine, traveled too.”
“Hope say boredom and loneliness no dey flog you cane?” I asked as we both walked out from the sitting room.
“No not at all. I am immune to boredom and loneliness.” She replied laughing.
“Emmm!! Do you mind if I ask you something and I need you to be blunt and tell me the truth?”
“What is it?” she replied.
“Is Shania seeing someone else? Don’t lie to me?”
“None that I know off. Shania is decent; I don’t think she is seeing someone else.” She replied.
“Ok, thanks.”
“You are welcome.”
She walked me up to the entrance of their compound before heading back, while I took a cab. Throughout my journey back home, I kept thinking about what Tonia told me. Why would Shania be playing the ‘I don’t care’ card with me while she is killing herself? Girls sha.
To Be Continued…

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