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Monday, 5 February 2018


Its been two weeks now, a whole two weeks and he hadn't visited his father in the clinic. He had been really busy with all these stuffs that he hardly had time to spare for himself not to talk of his father. Though he had been in contact with the clinic to know how his father was fairing, nothing was like really seeing him and talking to him. He missed his best friend and right now, he needed to share things with someone, his father was the best option. He needed advice and if that was too much, he needed to just reduce this burden on his shoulders. He drove slowly to the clinic hardly letting his mind be on the road. His mind kept going to Katie, his cousin. Everything happened so fast and he couldn't help but regret meeting Katie that evening. His life had been perfect before that. And if he hadn't wanted to take advantage of her, maybe none of this would have happened, not the attraction, nor challenge, nor business rivalry. He wished everything would go back to normal.
    He went straight to his father's apartment after seeing the doctor in charge, paying bills and tipping nurses. He had been told his father's health had deteriorated since he hadn't come to visit him for a long time. The nurse had even blamed him for his father's depletion. His father turned his back to when he got to him, he was obviously angry and he had the right to be. "Dad please just look at me once." He pleaded but Cameron never for once look back. "Go kid, I don't need you here, go back." Cameron said. "I've been occupied dad, things have been happening...." He was cut short. "I wanted you to bring her to me, turned out she took you from me." Cameron said. Oh no, he thought Katie was the reason he hadn't come to visit, well she was, but not in the way he was thinking. "That's the problem dad, she is not who you think she is, she......she is my cousin." Well, whether it was the tone Fred used or his words, Cameron finally turned to look at Fred. "What do you mean?" He asked. Fred started explaining everything to him, everything about Katie right from the first day till now. He released everything and even included his feelings. He talked about his mother too and Georgina and the case and all. "We were wrong about mother dad, we were. All this while, we have been thinking she was a bad person, but we have been living with another person since." Fred said when he was done. His dad didn't have the same look of regret on his face but he recognised it as that of disbelieve. "You don't believe?" Fred asked his father.
      "I knew all this while kid, I knew it wasn't your mother." Cameron said. Fred stood up abruptly. His father knew? Oh gosh. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked, getting angry already. His father  made him keep on hating his mother when she never did anything wrong? That was not what bothered him but the fact that his father lived with another woman comfortably, that idea vexed him. "I didn't know you were going to find out this soon, she......" His father was saying. "Oh keep it to yourself, I don't give a damn dad, you have been deceiving me all this while, I can't believe it." He shouted angrily and was about leaving when his father called him back. "She blackmailed me kid, your life would have been at stake if I had told you." Fred turned to look at his father and saw the look of sincerity in his eyes, he gently went back to meet him. "What happened dad?" He asked. Cameron paused gently before explaining. "When she came back and claimed to be Nessa, I knew it was Veronica, that was why I didn't wanna let her in, but you wanted her, you needed your mother, they looked so much alike because they are twins but I knew my wife better than anyone. I wanted what was best for you, she wanted to take all the properties, I agreed but the way to get your mother back was to do as she said, so I did that and everything else she wanted. I tried getting a location of where your mother was and searched everywhere for her, not for Veronica as you thought but Vanessa." Cameron said. Oh gosh, so that was it. "And this wasn't just an accident Kid, my stroke wasn't just a road accident as I was forced to tell, it was Veronica that pushed my car off the cliff with hers, it was her, she wanted to kill me, and she mustn't know I am alive, if she does, then I am good as dead." Fred stood up not knowing what to feel or say. He was angry, hurt and hated himself for not being able to do anything presently, he was helpless, his father had been wronged. "And she did everything for properties that are not hers? I can't take this." Fred exclaimed with his eyes red. "Oh no kid, its not mine, its your mother's and it was her inheritance I invested on. It came from her family and I remember her saying her twin sister was not happy with the way they shared the wealth and wanted everything for herself, I also remember her saying the biggest share was given to their eldest sister, probably Katie's mother and Veronica vowed to get it all back, that must explain why she is after Katie's inheritance." Cameron explained. So that was it, Fred thought. Katie was really his cousin and Georgina was just greedy and wanted all the money for herself, that was cruel. It was his mother's money all long and his mother was a twin, Georgina's twin sister, how ironic. How could he have such an Aunt and Cousin who called herself Helena? What had he done to deserve this?
      He pondered on how to tell Katie everything, this was a lead, and he was going to find out everything else about this case. "And kid, I was close to finding your mother, really, before the accident, she is in Danpa, she is still alive, very alive kid." This shocked him, his mother was alive? Oh hell, he would do anything to find her, he would go through hell itself. "Really dad? I promise you, I am going to find her and make Georgina pay for all she has done, I will." He swore, not knowing where to start from or how to, but knowing fully well that he was going to achieve his goal no matter what.
   He prepared to go, kissing his father's forehead. He loved this man and would do anything to make him happy, he had suffered enough and he deserved a happy ending and he was gonna get it for him. "Kid, one last thing." His father called when he was almost at the door. "What's that dad?" He turned back. "I also remember Vanessa saying their older sister was adopted and she isn't really hers and Veronica's sister, probably means Katie is not really your cousin." Fred stood still.

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