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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


        She sat at the balcony of the second floor with a drink in her hand, red wine to be precise, she always had a soft spot for that. The summer breeze was cool and she didn't have to stuff herself up. Unlike those days where she would wear a camisole, turtle necked cotton top and a thick jacket covering all parts of her body except her face and even tie a scarf around her neck, she just wore an armless designer top showing the better part of her cleavage and a light scarf round her body on top of shorts that revealed the better part of her thighs. She needed to clear her head and the breeze was going to do that for her. Oh yeah, she challenged Georgina and Helena but she didn't know what to do or where to start from, she just wasn't going to lose to those human animals. She had contacted Frank and he would be in Danpa any moment. She had also visited her assumed Aunt, Linda to be specific and discussed some certain things with her, they were going to make sure Wayne was sent to jail and that would be their first step to success. One man down, made things easier.
    Just then she heard someone approach her from behind and looked back, it was Fred in a navy blue Jean and casual shirt with his hair ruffled and everything about him disarranged, he looked like he carried all the problems of the world on his body which made Katie chuckle. He still looked roughly handsome and sexy just that way. "Come join me, its really lovely here, its as if I can see all the beautiful places of Danpa from here, everything looks beautiful." She said looking around. Fred had already taken his seat beside her. "Let me go get you a drink." She stood up to do just that when Fred held her back. "We need to talk Katie." He said. "Okay then, let's talk over a drink." She insisted but he just shook his head. "Forget about the damn drink Katie, this is important." Now this got her worried, she sat down quietly. "Is everything okay Fred?" She asked but he just sighed. "I have been looking into some things and I have found out a whole lot. Went to visit my dad in the clinic and he said some things but I have been looking into just two things." Fred started. Oh yeah, he had told her about his crippled dad and what got him there. "So the first?" Katie prompted. "My mum is still alive, dad said she is in Danpa and she needs me right now. He was looking for her before Georgina pushed him over the cliff and he almost died. He was close and now, its my job to complete everything and bring her home, away from Georgina and her evil deeds." He said but it all didn't make sense to Katie. "I thought you said your dad could hardly move, has he been out of the hospital for the past years?" She needed to satisfy her curiosity. "No." He replied. "If he had been there for the past ten years, how can he be so sure she is still alive and hadn't been killed since the last lead he followed?" Katie asked again.
    "Oh yeah, I thought it was all insane before I finally looked into it, I checked every place they could have been with their facial recognition from when Vanessa and Veronica both came to Danpa before the kidnapping issh, I found out they went deep into the woods and when I traced the place this morning, it was empty but I found empty plates and cups, I took'em and gave it to a lab scientist who checked the DNA, turned out it was my mother's, Katie she drank from the cup and ate from the  plates just recently, she is still alive, I am very sure." Fred said. Oh thank God, wasn't this great? If Vanessa were to be alive, she would tell them all that happened and shed more light to the situation on ground and might even expose Georgina for who she was. She wished her own mother was alive too, she wished she could find the slightest lead just like Fred. She would give anything to hug her mother just one more time, she never missed her as much as she did at the moment. "You did all of this and didn't tell me?" Katie asked. "I didn't wanna disturb you, you have a lot at hand at the moment, I just didn't wanna give us false hope, I wanted to be sure." He explained and Katie nodded. "And the second thing?"
     Fred was reluctant which made Katie more scared, what the hell was wrong? "Fred, talk to me." She pressed and waited for answer. "Katie I, I found out we are not cousins, your mother isn't actually Vanessa and Veronica's sister, she was adopted." Fred said. Oh lawd, so Fred wasn't her cousin after all, woooow, she couldn't contain the joy she was feeling at that moment. It meant they could be together, finally. Only her brains resisted her from jumping and hugging Fred. "Wow, that's good news Fred, how did you find this out?" She asked, keeping herself from crying out for joy, he wasn't really her cousin meaning they weren't bound by ties and she could finally be with the man she loved. "My dad told me that at first and said I should look into it which I did, he remembered mum saying something about her elder sister being adopted. Truly, I went to search online and hacked their hospital records with mum's certificate, turned out Veronica and Vanessa are truly twins. That aside, the Diamonds had adopted a child probably your own mother and had willed most of their wealth to her just as father said. So you ain't my cousin Katie." Fred finally declared and by that time, Katie could hold her joy no longer, she jumped to hug Fred catching him offguard and started kissing him roughly and for a long time before realizing she was not being kissed back. She had longed just to kiss him all this while and hoped to be wrapped in his arms just once again, so why the resistance? Didn't he feel the same? Didn't he wanna be with her?
   When she put all of these into words, he just shrugged and turned away. "Fred, don't you love me?" She finally asked and this time, he turned to her with an expression Katie refused to believe what it really meant. "It was my fault Katie and I am to blame. It was just a challenge, between I and Tony, we wanted to know who was capable of getting you first and making you fall in love with him. I've been through a lot Katie and I have no time for girls in my life. You proved to be a threat to that and I wanted to make sure you shouldn't be." Fred said. Katie was broken, she didn't know what to say, like it had all been a challenge? She had been fooled and made to fall in love with a guy who felt nothing for her all in the name of challenge? "How was I a threat?" She managed to ask feeling all her body trembling and about to be torn apart. "I was attracted to you in a way and I didn't wanna be, so I wanted to be sure I felt nothing for you." He said. She tried to hold her tears a while longer, she wouldn't breakdown in front of him, oh hell, never. She wasn't that weak, well maybe she was but this was just too much for her. She had loved Fred. Yes she loved him right from the beginning, there had always been a connection and she followed her heart instead of her brain. People like Fred can't love, they can't feel, they don't care about the feelings of others, they are heartless, yet she had foolishly fallen in love with him? "That day when we were making love, told me you loved me, didn't you?" She asked trying not to break her voice. "You should know Katie, at that moment, we can say anything we want because it is a moment of pleasure, doesn't actually mean we mean what we say, it was just situational." He replied softly and calmly which angered Katie the more. He wasn't affected by it all, he didn't even feel remorse for playing with her feelings that way, no he didn't. "And now, are you finally sure about it?" She asked trying to get her breath to talk eloquently. "Yes Katie, I still care for you and I am going to be with you till all this trouble ends, but after that, we will go our separate ways because I am sure now, that I feel nothing for you, so please, let anything we have end right here." He said. Katie smiled and went closer to him. "We don't have anything Fred, we never did, and we will never do." She said and went straight to her room in his house making sure not to run and trying not to look affected by any of his words. Immediately she got to the solitude of her room, she let the tears pour out slowly. She had been fooled, she had been used as a pawn in a silly game. The worst part was, she gave herself willingly for that to happen. She had been too weak, with Helena, Georgina, even with Tony in the past, and now Fred. What happened to the strong part of her? What happened to the fearless Katherine Laurens? She had let her emotions get the better part of her, now that had to stop, oh yeah it had to stop, and she, Katherine, would become something else totally.


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