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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


He needed to focus, hell yeah, he really needed to. But he just couldn't, Katie had been on his mind since and right now as he was about to defend her case, all he could think of was what on earth he had done to Katie. Tony waited patiently in the court for the judge to arrive. Katie had been strict towards him lately, she hardly looked into his eyes and when they talked, she was always in a hurry to end the conversation, she was cold and he couldn't help but think she had found out about his challenge with Fred. Only that could explain her behaviour. How he wished she could see through his heart and know that all that was a facade. He wanted her, he loved her. But how could she possibly find out about the challenge? Fred couldn't have told her since he would lose her forever if he did. But an idea occured to him, they thought they were cousins now, and now that Fred told him they weren't, it would be a big chance for Fred, so he wouldn't even dare tell her, unless he wanted to lose the challenge which to Tony, was impossible. He would talk to her about this later, right now, he needed to concentrate because the one thing that would make her happy, is when Wayne went to jail.
   The whole court stood up as the judge entered. The proceedings began. Wayne was brought out and his lawyer,  the same Mr Godwin came out to defend him. "Your honour, my client here has been accused of a crime he didn't commit, based on some evidence that could otherwise have been faked, we can't just base our judgement on that, I say that we look into this well before reaching a conclusion." He said and went to sit. Tony stood up abruptly and smiled, he was going to win for Katie. "Oh wow, bravo, now its faked? But when you brought a video clip against my client, it wasn't faked. Your honour, the case of Mr Godwin here is that he doesn't face the point but is only concerned about what benefits him but My Lord, I am facing the real fact now and videos can't lie, it is obviously not a modern video and it goes way back. I request that the court not let someone this dangerous loose, it will be endangering the lives of young girls out there because for him to have sexually harassed his own cousin, so much more one who isn't related to him." Tony said and went to sit.
    Godwin stood up to defend himself. "Oh Mr Tony, do you really think the court will be fooled by all these things you made up? Since the properties can't be given to your client anymore, she decided to make the children of Mrs Georgina here to suffer the consequences, I refuse not to believe that due to the effects of Miss Katie's condition, she isn't in her right mind to think. I mean look at this, there are no witnesses apart from the victim herself and there is nothing else to prove their point. Your honour, this is just a waste of time and I request that this case be closed immediately." Godwin said and the jury seemed to be in agreement with him, even the judge was looking at Tony as if to say, 'he is right though'. But Tony wouldn't let that touch him.
    "You said there are no witnesses? Oh, guess you were so sure about that. You are not that smart after all. Your honour, I have witnesses. During the time of the assault, the family was living together. As we all know, Linda Jefferson, who Mrs Georgina put the care of her children in her hands knew everything and Georgina's own second son, Frank Jefferson will testify to it. Can Miss Linda please be called to the witness box?" Tony smiled wickedly at the look of shock on both Helena and Georgina's face. They could never have thought their own son and brother would testify against them. Well, not all siblings are the same and Frank was a good example.
   Linda swore and introduced herself at the request of Tony. " Miss Linda, did you know about the sexual assault of Katie by Wayne?" She nodded. "You brought Wayne up right? Do you think he can do something like this and what were the things you observed about him?" Tony asked. "I trained him right from small. Wayne used to be a good child but since his brother left him for the boarding school, he sought to make everyone else suffer for it. I was only a nanny and Georgina warned not to beat any of her kids so I couldn't stop him from becoming what he is. I only found out about the assault when Katie told me and truly, I caught him doing that. I reported to Georgina but she warned me not to interfere in their matters. Katie took me as her aunt and I wanted to perform my duty, but all I could do was buy a camera for her to record the situation as an evidence, I intend to take it to court after that but Katie had already ran away from home by then." Linda narrated and the whole court went mute. Tony smiled and faced Godwin, "The witness is yours." Godwin stood up to question her. "Miss Linda or Mrs, are you married?" She shook her head. "Any kids?" Same gesture was made. "So you dedicated your own life to taking care of Mrs Georgina's children. Wonderful. Since you have never experienced the joy of motherhood and don't know how it feels to have a child, how can you say boldly that you trained the child and know his behaviour when you are not his mother?" Tony didn't like the point he was aiming at and it might cause the Jury to think she was just lying, but he just kept quiet, just like Linda. Godwin was good, yeah he was, but Tony wouldn't be defeated either. "Miss Linda, why didn't you report to the police when the incident happened instead of Mrs Georgina? The police could have helped you." He asked. "Mrs Georgina hired me, and I should tell her first since it was involving her kid, its our rule. Besides, she threatened me not to tell anyone." Linda snapped scornfully. "Oh common, the threat was more important than the little girl's dignity? Your honour, this is a faked story and she made everything up, I wonder why neighbours never heard of anything concerning this, because it never happened, that's all My Lord." He said and went to sit. The next witness was called to the box.
    "How close are you to your brother?" Tony asked after the necessary formalities have been attended to. "Extremely close, we were very close and that's the reason he was sad I went to boarding school without him since we couldn't afford money for both of us. We shared secrets with each other and were always together." Frank said. "Oh, I see. So did he also share with you anything about the assault?" Tony asked. "At first he did, he said he wanted to have fun, I warned him against it and talked him out of it, at least I thought I did, not until I was home on holiday and I found out he went on with his fun anyways, I was mad, with our own cousin as a matter of fact. But as an elder brother, he beat me up too and warned me to keep quiet about it. I wasn't always around, I just came back one day to find out Katie ran away from the house, that's all." Frank said confidently and Tony admired his use of words, in a way that no one could question his testimony. "This is all we need Your honour. We have the video clip and witnesses, what else are we looking for to prove that this man is a big time rapist? On the table is the pictures Katie took of her bruises after each assault, she was a smart girl and I request that this offense shouldn't be go unpunished. If it does, many other rapists like him out there would feel at ease with the thought that they can buy their way out of every rape and it shouldn't be so. That's all Your honour." Tony concluded and went to his seat. Godwin shook his head when asked if he had any questions for the witness. Tony smiled and waited.
    The court went on break for an hour, after which the verdict would be passed, they all waited patiently for it.

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