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Monday, 5 February 2018



I went inside the room to pick the photo album. Went back to the parlour to hand it over to Angela.
ME: Angela, here is it.
ANGELA: thanks dear. ****fliping through the pictures**** hmmm
ME: why that sound?, you knew him somewhere?
ANGELA: not at all, I was just noticing there was no resemblance between the two of you
ME: lolz. Really?
ANGELA: yeah! *smiled*
My mind wasn’t in the photo album, I was just pretending to be flowing along with the photo gist but deep down my trouser, my dick was almost breaking out of Attention. I just thought of what to do next. I looked at her left laps and said
ME: what a fresh and nice laps you have dear.
ANGELA: are you just noticing or you are hungry of something you aren’t saying out?
ME:. Hmmm, what could that be?
ANGELA: as if I don’t know you?
ME: ***chai, this babe don catch me ooooo****, honey, its not what you you think, the more I see the laps, the more I appreciate you and bless the day I met you,
ANGELA: hmmm, sounds romantic
ME: you no serious
ANGELA. lolz. Abeg help me check whether people are still in the passage.
ME: ok, ***i went out, peeped at the passage and found no one but voices from mummy lekan’s room was so loud and could be heard from our room*** honey, there are people there, as u can hear their voices from here.
ANGELA: ooohhhh God!!!, why all this now?
ME: don’t worry dear, they would soon enter.
I returned back to the seat, I sat a few inches away from angela, I turned around and placed my head on her laps facing upward and looking into her eyes from that position. The thought of my head on her nakeed pusssy sent more signals to my dick but I covered the Attention in between my legs.
I stretched my hands upward to caress her chicks while bringing up a meaningless gist, she returns the same complements on my chicks and began to move her hands onto my chest while the gist was going on. I moved my hands to the back of her head and bends her head downward making my lips locate her own. We began to kiss and I wanted to do wonders with my hands but there was restrictions due to my position. I continued kissing her and ensured she was getting in the mood. The moment I began to hear her moans, I sat up and faced her while sitting on the chair beside her. We continued kissing as my hand was finding its way to her cleavage. I loosed the top of the towel and her boobs fell on my hands. I began to squeeze it as I was kissing. I started teasing the Tips and angela was moaning, as the moaning was getting higher, I picked my phone and pressed the music key from the side of the phone and increased the blast to the highest volume. Angela started pushing my head downward and I understood the communications that she wanted me to suck the breasts. I moved my head downward and found the right Tip with my mouth. I performed my mouth magic on it and switched the breasts at interval. After few minutes of breast succking. Angela started pushing my head downward and I understood that she wanted a head. I sucked my way down to the abdomen and then down to the Kitty-Cat, I started from the clits and proceeded to the hole. Angela was moaning and jerking as she spreads her legs wider apart. I suckked and she cummed twice during the process..
She was getting relaxed and I was expecting my own time of Mouth Gig and good fucck but angela broke my heart again by saying. ” Onihaxy, please e don do, let me have my bath abeg. I frowned in disappointment which she noticed. But she didn’t say anything as she walked out of the room and headed to the bathroom.
Angela came back from the bathroom s on her towels and she saw me moody. She tried bringing up gist and chats but I was responding reluctantly. PHCN restored light and she yelled “up nepa” but I didn’t respond. She noticed the frown on my face and she started a conversation.
ANGELA: baby, why are you unhappy and moody?
ME: nothing
ANGELA: was it because I went to had my bath without you in the bathroom with me?
ME: ****frowned*** nothing
ANGELA: then what is it?
ME: I said nothing.
ANGELA: no problem ***hitting the back of her left hand against the her right palm. Since you aren’t ready to talk, good night then, see you tomorrow.
Angela walked into the room doing oscillation with her big idibia. I sat down there on the sofa in the parlour thinking of what to do next. “Should I tell her I wanted a Mouth Gig and sex?” , I think she knew what I wanted but she was just playing stubborn?, what if she didn’t know nko?”, so many rhetorical questions and thoughts were running through my mind, while still thinking of how to go about my predicament, Angela came out of the room with a mini skirt and a white top. “Chaiii!!!”, the skirt was so short that the lower part of her idibia was almost showing, she cat-walked passed me and I gained Attention instantly. She sat down on the chair in front of me and picked up the TV remote. ***chaiii, this girl don divert attention to movie ooo, and the movie na season film****.
ANGELA: onihaxy, I’m asking you again, what’s wrong with you?
ME: *** e be like say this girl blind to see my trousers wey bulge for bottom abi*** nothing, I’m fine.
Angela continued with the movie, 5mins, 10mins, 20mins gone and she wasn’t looking at my side. I thought of going to sit beside her but my ego say make I no go. After 25mins and I noticed she wasn’t concerned about me anymore, I stood up, went out to fetch water, took it to the bathroom and had my night shower..
I returned into the room wearing my boxers only and holding my shirt and trousers. I met her still watching movie and fully concentrated on it. I went into the room, told her “good night” and banged the door”. My thought was that she would come inside the room immediately with the way I banged the door and bid her good night but I was disappointed when I didn’t see anything related to angela for the next 15 minutes.
**konji na bastard ooo***, my Attention began to get intense and my dick was almost breaking, at a point, I decided to swallow my pride, I packaged the erected dick and hanged it on the waist band of my boxers to hide the Attention, I wore a white round neck. I took my time to gather enough courage and stood up from the bed. As I was approaching the door . The door was opened from outside and Angela came inside. I returned to the bed and sat down.
ANGELA: hian!, I thought you are going out of the room?
ME: no
ANGELA: but I saw you walking towards the door just now?
ME: I just wanted to check if I locked the main door
ANGELA: so why aren’t you checking it again?
ME: I just remembered I shut it.
ANGELA: but your face is still dull. What is the problem onihaxy?.
ME: nothing, I’m fine.
ANGELA: ok then, good night.***Angela jumped to the bed, took out a wrapper in her bag, she lied down and covered herself.
Chaii, se na so I go miss tonight’s match??. Na wetin I go do oooooo!!!!.
Angela lied beside me shooting out her ass towards me, I could see the bottom of her ass staring at me. The more I look, the more the konji dey kill me. My dick was almost breaking off on top over Attention. ***onihaxy, should I make the move and touch this girl?, NO, how e go be say na me go first make the move?, na bullshit be that na***** I began to think within me. I waited for 10mins to see if angela would make body contact with me but she didn’t, instead, she took out her phone, inserted earpiece into her ears and began to watch movie on it.
Omo see Bleep up!, its almost 12am, angela isn’t making body contact, konji don almost kill me, wetin I go do?. Angela was still facing me with her back and positioning her phone infront of her making it visible to me. I took a deep breath and gathered enough courage.
ME: nawa for you ooo, you can’t even call me to join you in watching the movie?. Is that fair?
ANGELA: I thought you were still in bad mood, since I don’t know what is wrong with you.
ME: hmmmm, just bring it closer and let’s watch it together.
ANGELA: **paused the movie, removed her earpiece from her ears, drew closer to me and crossed her legs over mine*** so are you ready to tell me what is wrong with you?. Or its still “noting”?
ME: ***silent for seconds***
ANGELA: you aren’t ready to talk abi?, no problem.
ME: its you, you are the cause.
ANGELA: me?, how?
ME: you know it
ANGELA: I don’t know anything, please tell me.
ME: *** giggled and smiled***
ANGELA: is it funny?
ME: not really, you didn’t reciprocate what I gave you the other time.
ANGELA: and what could that be?
ME: the orals
ANGELA: ***laughed out loud****
ME: is it funny?
ANGELA: very funny. Don’t tell me that is why you are moody since
ME: it is
ANGELA: and why can’t you tell me or make the move instead of nagging
ME: ***face down*** nothing
ANGELA: you are the person I came to visit in lagos and we have been here together isn’t it?
ME: hmmmmmmm.
ANGELA: you are funny. Can we watch the movie now? Or you aren’t interested in it again?
ME: **see gbege oooo, se na movie matter be this**** no problem, let’s watch.
Angela placed her head on my chest and her ass was facing up, I could feel the needles of her breast on my chest and instinct told me she isn’t wearing a bra. she stretched her hands forward holding her phone and its visible to both of us. We began watching the movie but my mind wasn’t in it. 6 minutes into the movie and angela wasn’t making any move, I decided to take my destiny into my hands by taking the step, I stretch my hands forth and it reaches and landed on her ass. ***weldone onihaxy!, you can do better*** I said to my self. I moved my hands downward to the end of her mini-skirt, began to caress it gently.
Angela wasn’t making any sound as she focused on the movie. ****which kind thing be this na?****, I raised the skirt up stylishly and moved my hands upward her ass, I could feel my hands on full flesh without touching any pants. Angela let out a soft moan and I said to myself ***onihaxy, u don nail am this time****, I continued moving my hands upward until I was shocked to touch a band-like on her waist. No doubt, my instinct told me instantly that Angela was on a G-string. As I continued tickling and caressing the ass, her moaning was increasing, Angela dropped her phone on the bed, faced me and whispered to me ” this is what you should have done instead of nagging”.
Hmmmmmm, before I could say anything, Angela sealed my mouth with her lips and gave me a passionate kiss of life as she pressed herself on me firmer. I continued tickling her ass and moving my hands inward to the G-string. We continued kissing as I parted her G-string sideways to the left and began finger-job on the pusssy. Angela’s moan was getting louder, ***chaiiii, my phone dey parlour oooo, how I go take play music this night?**** I kept silencing angela with the kiss each time she moans. My hand was doing the digging from behind, one finger going in and out, later to two fingers then three. She was jerking and moving her body right and left ontop of me, after 4 mins of kissing and fingering, I felt a wet thick liquid on my fingers, ***Angela don pour ice-cream***.
Angela removed her mouth from my lips and kissed me down to my breast. She spent few minutes on both breasts and the thing was stimulating me harder. She kissed her way down to my abdomen and pulled down my boxers to unveil my full size erected dick.
Angela changed position and slept upside down putting us in a 69 position. ***i got the message, she wants me to suck but I no go suck if she no suck me first*****. She began stroking my dick with her hand and I was fingering her wet hole below. We continued this for about 2 minutes and angela was pressing her Kitty-Cat towards my mouth without her doing anything to my dick, I still refused to give a head.
I guess she understand that na operation do me I do you I dey, I suddenly fill a lip sensation on my dick, angela was licking my lolipop and speaking to the microphone. I was almost killed by the sensation, it was like I was been electrocuted, I pulled of her G-string completely leaving behind the skirt because I wasn’t seeing it as a threat or obstacle. She insert the dick into her mouth and I get felt the sensation of her warm mouth on my dick, I complemented angela by giving her a head of life below. She was enjoying my tongue painting that she was spreading her legs apart the more. At a point, she stood up from my side and sat on my head while holding and sucking me from top. She pressed her pusssy on my mouth making it difficult for me to breath as she continued sucking me as if her life depends on it. I was about to cum but there was no way I could move my dick away from her mouth because she was ontop. I cummed in her mouth and she yelled “aaayaama”. She stood up and went out to spit it out to where I don’t know. She returned back inside and began to perform handjob on the dick untill it gained Attention. Angela knelt infront of me, locked her legs into mine and sat on my dicck in a “reverse cowgirl” edition. I love the nice view of her ass as she was rising and falling on my rod, we fuucked for about 6 mintues and I held her ass with my hands, pulled out my legs and knelt down behind her. Angela repositioned herself like someone who was about to run a race as her both hands were rooted on the bed and her waist bent inward a little, I guided my dick into her well with my hand, I held her upper waist and pumped her from behind in a nice doggie ride. Angela was letting out various tempo and tones, calling names of God and also telling me she would die under me. I cummed after 17 minutes into the sex, we cuddled each other to sleep as we lied beside each other and chatted for a while before we slept off at around 1am..

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