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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


I noticed a leg crossing over mine, few seconds later, a soft hand was placed on my chest, chaii, this must be a dreamland. The hand was moving up and down slowly on my chest and rested on my Tips after a while.
The hand was tickling and caressing my Tips and I was flowing with the tune of the fantasy. Few minutes later the hand moved downward to my abdomen circulating the abdomen with the tip of a finger and then gradually moved downward to the short grasses on the upper part of joystick. The hand was pulling up the hair softly and gently while my dick was gaining a gradual Attention. I was so much enjoying the dream that I began to make movements on the bed. Suddenly, the hand dipped into my boxers and held my dick, It was at this point that my eyes was opened and I woke up, I looked at my boxers and I found Angela’s right hand inside my boxers with my dick in her hand. **chaiii, so this thing no be dream sha***, her eyes was closed as her hand was still inside. I
looked up to the clock on the wall and the time was 5:10am,.
I looked back at Angela’s face and noticed a cute little grin on her face, then my instinct tells me she wasn’t sleeping. I pretended to be asleep again and moments later, the hands began to move again, the hand was stroking my dick up and down and the dick was getting stronger. I looked at her face again and her eyes was still close but a smile was noticed on her cheeks. I got the message
Immediately, I pushed my hand underneath her neck and placed the hand on her back. I moved the hand downward to raise up her top a little while I began to caress and massage her back, Angela began to moan slightly as she increased the pace of my dick stroking. I was restricted for further movements due to how she rested on me, ***I thought of what to do next, should I pushed her away
from my top to have a feel of her breasts? or should I pull her closer to extend my hands to her ass ?***. Instinct told me to do the latter. I pushed her closer to myself and she lied fully resting her oranges on my neck, I continued caressing the lower part of her back and extending it to the top of her a$$ . Angela was moaning louder, I moved my hands into the middle of the ass, played and tickled the little hairs in between. Angela shifted up a little and spread her hips apart a little. I managed to stretch my hands to the lower part of her pussssy, ***chaiii, na wet liquids welcomed me***, Angela was wet already. I dipped my third finger into the wet hole and angela let out a soft moan and whispered “Good morning”.

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