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Saturday, 3 February 2018


I got to Lagos after service and I squat with my uncle who lives at obalende. He was the busy and workaholic type that I hardly see his face except for weekends. He would go out as early as 4:30am before I woke up and he would return as late as 11pm after I slept. All through the first month, I was busy submitting cvs everywhere in Lagos hoping to get a job to keep myself busy. At a point in time, I thought of it that my uncle’s absence during the day would be a nice opportunity for me to do fuccking parol with this lagos babes wey full the area. I suddenly reduced my pressure on job search and started nursing the idea and strategizing on how to knack the ladies for that hood.
At the first 2 months of my arrival in Lagos, Angela and I were getting along, we would chat and talk till late nights and I was meeting her financial demands due to the savings I made from NYSC. At the 3rd month, my savings began to drain drastically and I was almost left with nothing. This began to cause problems between Angela and I. At first, she would understand me and reasoned with me that I was broke, but when it got to a time, angela began to accuse me for not caring. At a point, I find it difficult to recharge and call her. Angela would threatened me with break up several which would later be resolved after series of begging from me. Angela told me that she wanted to see me and I thought of how I would go about it. “I was squatting with someone, I don’t have money to lodge in an hotel, and she doesn’t stay alone in Jos. I thought all over and came up with an idea. I discussed with my cousin
ME: Egbon, please I have a female friend who is coming to Lagos for a Bank test and she doesn’t have anywhere to stay. UNCLE: how can I be of help?.
ME: please sir, I would be glad if you could allow her to stay for just one night and she would return the second day after the test.
UNCLE: will she be able to sleep in the parlour because I can’t leave my room for her.
ME: its ok sir
UNCLE: and you, where will you sleep when she comes?
ME: ***chai, this uncle don catch me oooo***. I will be with her till evening and leave her to sleep alone in the parlour sir
UnCLE: hmmmmmm. You are wicked ooo. So you want to leave your girlfriend to sleep alone?
ME: no sir, she is not my girlfriend sir but NYSC friend.
UNCLE: friend indeed. As if I hadn’t played such game before.
ME: no sir oooo.
UncLE: so when is she coming?.
ME: I don’t know yet, I didn’t ask her. I just wanted to inform you first.
UnCLE: ok sha, let me know.
ME: thanks sir.
I discussed it with Angela. She wasn’t comfortable with the idea at first, but after persuading her. She agreed to come the next friday and I had to arrange her T.fare.
I gave my uncle feedback about the date and he told me “no problem”. Before the following weekend, I emptied my account, contacted some of my friends and borrowed money from them to raise Angela’s T.fare.
On the friday morning, my uncle prepared for work as usual and he told me to entertain my guest. He gave me 3,000naira to buy foodstuffs and drinks before leaving for work.
Before Angela’s arrival. I had arranged the house, got foodstuffs and prepared the parlour for her reception. She arrived at our junction according to the address description I gave to her at 6:30pm in a mini short pink gown looking radiant and astonishing. Everyone was looking at me when I went to pick her at the junction. ****for their mind na, dem go dey reason am say “so dis boy wey dey behave gentle for street get dis kind babe”******
I ushered her inside and she took her seat in the parlour. I entertained her with drinks and she relaxed for some time.
ANGELA: onihaxy, so na inside this parlour I go sleep?
ME: ****felt sad***. Baby, please bear with me for now pending the time I would have my own apartment.
ANGELA: no problem sha. I believed we are sleeping here together sha?
ME: not sure. I would be with you till dawn and would go to sleep with my uncle. He might not like the idea of sleeping here with you.
ANGELA: onihaxy. You know this is bullshit. If you don’t get your own private house, don’t expect me here in lagos again NeVER!!
ME: I’m sorry dear. Please bear with me.
ANGELA: no problems sha. Can I have my bath please?.
ME: no problem. But its a public bathroom and its at the backyard. Hope you don’t mind?.
ANGELA: mtcheeeew, just get me water abeg.
I went to the passage, picked the bucket and fetch water into it and took it to the bathroom. Before I returned to the room. Angela was already in towel. I led her to the bathroom and I could see the co-tenants looking and gossiping about us. I returned to the room and began to think of I how I will straff Angela before my uncle arrived.
She came back from the bathroom and entered the room. She sat down on the chair and was wet from face to toe with water. I sat closer to her, placed my hand on her laps and begged her not to be angry at me. She giggled as my hand was caressing her laps. I held her face and kissed her passionately. She let out a soft moan and held my held closer in corporation. We kissed for minutes and my hand was moving down gradually to the top of her towel. I loosed it and her breasts fell on my chest as a sat opposite to her on the sofa. She whispered into my ear that the door isn’t locked, I lifted up my face to see the door and I noticed that it wasn’t truly locked. I quickly stood up and lock the door from the back and resumed the show. I fully loosed the towel and squeezed her breasts as I was kissing. I moved my hands downward to her abdomen and down to her femalecore. As my hand touched the V-spot, she let out a soft moan and spreads her leg wider for easier access. As the moan was getting louder, I wasn’t comfortable with the volume so I picked my phone and played the music files at the loudest volume. I resumed back into the finger fuccking and her tone was blending with the music. I moved my head downward to the Kitty-Cat and gave it the best painting with my tongue. I did that for 6 mins and she cummed once. I moved my head back to the breast and resumed the sucking. She held my belt, removed it, pulled down my trouser and began to stroke the erected dick. Angela pushed my chest back to the chair making me to lie on my back. She held my dick, licked the top of the microphone and began to speak to it. I could feel her wet lips on the grip of my dick as it was going in and out of her mouth. I was moaning harder and was about to cum when I pushed her head of the dick and cummed inside my boxers. “Hmmmm. Dirty boy” she said slowly. She began to stroke the dick until it gained another Attention. She then pulled my legs together and gave me a lap dance fucck. I supported her ass by placing my hands on its back. We fuccked for 13 minutes till we were both satisfied.
ME: baby, its almost 9pm, dress up, my uncle would arrive any moment from now
ANGELA: mtcheeeew. No wahala
ME: please now, sebi we have resolved this. Please bear with me for now.
ANGELA: abeg leave me.
Angela and I cleaned up faster. I put out the stove outside the door entrance at the passage to prepare dinner which angela was helping me with the ingredients. At 8:55pm. My uncle called me
UNCLE: onihaxy, how are you?
ME: I’m fine sir
UNCLE: how is your guest?, has she arrived?
ME: yes sir, we are here together.
UnCLE: let me greet her.
ME: ok sir ***i passed the phone to angela** they spoke for a while and she returned the phone to me**
UNCLE: I won’t be coming home till sunday evening. Take care of your guest and make sure my room is neatly arranged.
ME: ok sir. Thanks **hanged up****
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. E go Red this night….
A story by Onihaxy.


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