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Sunday, 4 February 2018



ANGELA: why are u happy on phone call onihaxy?,
ME: uncle just called that he won’t be coming home tonight.
ANGELA: because of me I guess?
ME: no dear, he said his girlfriend asked him to sleep over at her place.
ANGELA: whatever, just get your own apartment, that’s my own.
ME: ok ma.
ANGELA: and make sure its a self contain please. Because I don’t like how those old women are staring at me.
ME: ok ma.
Angela and I started the cooking, she blended the tomatoes while I placed the rice on the stove, after few minutes, she wasn’t comfortable with the way our co-tenants were staring at her so she stayed inside while I was coming to the passage frequently to observe the cooking process.
The food was ready and I took the pot inside. Angela served it and we ate. She requested for movies and I slot in a season film into our DVD player. We watched the movie till 10:30pm when PHCN seized the light and I switch on the rechargeable lamp. I didn’t bother to disturb her all through the eating and movie because I knew we have the whole night to spend together. After the seizure of the light,
ANGELA: now that your uncle isn’t around, can I use the room please, atleast, I should be welcomed warmly into a room and not a parlour?,
ME: yes dear, why not?, you are free ***raised eye brow***
ANGELA: ok dear, help me drop this beg into the room. ***stretching forth her weekend mini bag to me***.
ME: ok dear **picked up the bag and took it inside***
ANGELA: **calls from the parlour*** onihaxy!!, come back here now abi you are hiding something inside the room?
ME: I’m coming pls ***i returned to meet her in the living room***
ANGELA: please I need water to take my bath please?
ME: ok, let me go and get it **was about standing up***
ANGElA: and look out to the passage, if anyone is staying there,then I’m not taking my bath yet.
ME: baby, this is lagos, people are always outside till late hours. Some guys even sleeps in the passage during extreme heat.
ANGELA: na wa oooo. Just go and do what I sent you abeg.
I went to the bathroom to pick a bucket, I took it outside to fetch water from the well, I returned the bucket of water to the bathroom. I noticed there was no one in the passage. I opened the door of our room to inform angela that the bathroom is set and no one is around the passage. As I entered. I saw Angela in a towel been tied on, it manges to cover the tip of her breast and her laps were revealing beneath. I looked at the side of the chair and I saw her butterfly net pant staring at me, I looked beside the pant and I saw her bra *****chai, this girl no wear anything underneath sha.****, instantly, my dick signalled and rose up instantly. She looked at me in the face,
ANGELA: how far onihaxy?
ME: the water is in the bathroom already.
ANGELA: is anyone in the passage?,
ME: yes dear, there are 3 women and 2 children in the passage. Maybe u should wait for about 20minutes, they would have entered there room.
ANGELA: ok dear, that’s why I said you should get a self-contain so that I can enjoy my privacy
ME: ok dear, I will do that before your next visit.
My sexual urge was increasing as Angela’s laps was staring at me. I managed to sit down with her on the chair and planning my next initiation move then she broke my urge by saying “onihaxy, can I have the photo album of your uncle, or don’t I need to see photos?”.


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