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Saturday, 3 February 2018


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“oh yeah baby scatter my ass for me please” Sandra cried out as i pounced on her like a tiger, sampling her ass as if am sampling chemical Chromatography things.
I was alone at home my brother has gone to work and since nothing to do i decided to call my girlfriend Sandra to ginger me and i must confess am already in cloud nine.
I turn her over our big table and make her bend down pause and i started sampling her from behind, i hold her ass and pump her from the back hitting her ass at various interval, why am hitting her ass i don't know why oh but i watched it in movie so am practising what i see, anytime i hit her on her ass she will shout and tell me to continue of course i ain't gonna stop before,
i continue pumping her behind why she keep on shouting like someone who want to give birth, i just hope our neighbour wont hear her shout, no light and everywhere was getting hotter and you know na all my body has turn to river Niger, i have to stop and took her to parlour so that breeze will be coming from different angles, i sat on the sofa and she lay on top me, with her macho breast like afroncandy facing me calling on me to please suck them, i pounce on them and started sucking her boobs, she balance on me and use her hand to insert my dickson inside her well, then started going up and down making me uncomfortable to suck her breast so i just lay back on the sofa while she continue the exercise on top me, she do know how to whine well am not surprise because there must be reason for her well to be this wide, i relax on the chair while she continue jumping up and down like frog looking for where to hide from snake, after some time i stand up and use my two hands to raise her up with my dickson still inside her, then i started moving her front and back omo that style is hard because am using power to move her, but the flavor quench the stress, we continue for five minutes before i lay her on the chair and climb her then start fuccking her again “hmmm fucck me, fucck me hard, harder boy”.
I was fuccking her harder already i wonder how she want me to fucck her again oh, after some time i came and rest on the floor,.
She stood up and wear her clothes, i gave her two hundred for transport, i took my bath and relax on my bed.
I just finish my Neco Exam and am with brother in Auchi Edo state, i have nothing doing for now though am looking for a place to work, i was pressing my phone when my phone started ringing, i look at the screen and saw my elder sister in Benin.
Me: good afternoon ma.
Sis: how you they?
Me: am fine ma how school?
Sis: school is fine am through i dey look for work.
Me: oh thank God.
Sis: wetin you they do now?
Me: i just they Auchi doing nothing you know i just finish SSCE exam.
Sis: oh yeah right, wetin you plan to do?
Me: oh well i wan learn computer but no money so am planning to look for work and use the little money to learn computer.
Sis: no worry just come Benin you go learn the computer for here.
Me: but you never get work na how we go manage?
Sis: no worry about that one, just come when you come we go talk about that one.
Me: okay thank you ma, i will tart preparing immediately.
Sis: okay.
After the phone call i quickly called my mum in villa and she approve of it and then i waited for my bro to return, in the evening he came back from work and i told him what my sister said, he say there is even better because i have higher percentage to get a work there, so i started preparing to enter Benin City the heartbeat of Edo State, i heard Benin girls are hot in bed is it true?.


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