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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


The girls are eating as if they are with governor or president son and they don’t even mind the bills, as I was thinking my phone rang and I check the screen only to see my sister calling, I stood up and look
for a quiet place to pick the call, I walk closer to the front gate and pick the call.
Me: hello sister Joy.
Joy: so you go outing and u nor tell me abi?
Me: no vex oh na Cynthia come carry me oh.
Joy: okay make una they careful oh, and come before 12.
Me: alright thanks ma.
Joy: and don’t leave Cynthia
Me: okay I won’t.
Joy: alright later then.
I cut the call and was a little bit relieve I must say, and thanks to Cynthia for meddling things for me or else na shout my sister go shout for me for phone.
I return to the high table with the girls chatting and drinking, with the way Efe is even talking self I can confirm that she’s drunk already, me and Cynthia chatted for sometime before Efe started disturbing me to follow her to the dance floor, I don’t want to go am afraid Cynthia will lose interest in me so I told her I can’t dance but she insist I must and that she will even teach me and even self Cynthia put mouth telling me go and dance that she want to know how I dance so I have no other choice than to follow her to the dance floor even though a  not too comfortable with it. (I gave cynthia my wallet, if the money no reach she will add her own joor) we enter inside the hall and
join the multitude dancing, as we stroll in Efe has already started twisting her body
I look back and saw Cynthia and Adesuwa coming too I think they want to come and watch us dance as stated earlier by Cynthia, the hall is damn full with blue light everywhere even if you are dancing with someone who is ugly you won’t even know till you look at the person very well, we find a spot and started dancing to the music “today na today by don coleon”. am just shaking my body going left and right while she took my hand and put it around her waist and the other on top her shoulder then we started dancing making sure our body meet each other, I was feeling it and enjoying it too, it was like our soul are be merge together as one, deejay started playing old skool music like the plantashun
boiz, style plus and others and the music fit exactly to our dance step, we were so close that we can hear out heart beat, I look over to were Cynthia and Adesuwa were sitting and I saw them starring at us but immediately Cynthia saw me looking at her she quickly turn her face to another side, I think I can sense the jealousy already but na she tell me to go dance na.
Efe: what’s that.
Me: nothing just concentrate
Efe: If their starring is making you uncomfortable let’s go to a more cooler spot.
Me: ha why na I think here is okay.
Efe: come on I can sense you are shy. 
she draw me along as we enter inside one dark spot, close to the back of the building, I can’t even see her face here at all but everybody here are engage to one thing or the other like kissing and romancing, we hold each other again and continue dancing and she was wining her waist so well hitting my dick, my back was closer to the wall and she use her back to face me as she wine her ass for me, she got nice shape no doubt only an impotent won’t get attention with the way she’s winning her ass, I just round my hand on her ass and rock her very well, she don chop my money make I chop her ass small too, I can even chop more if I push oh, but no na nobody is having sex here just romance and kiss, but that one no concern me if I nor chop this babe now I won’t see her again and I will regret it, I turn her around and hold her closer as we look each other in the eye (that look they always mean some thing is about to happen)
I was robbing her ass and she was smiling with her fine sets of teeth, she pushed me closer to the
wall and started kissing me, I was expecting it I must say and the aroma from her mouth make me wanna fucck her the more so I hold her closer as she continue kissing me inside
the hall with people inside though its dark, I move my right hand closer to her V and start romancing it and she wind her ass to different direction, then I insert my hand inside her jeans trouser and touch her pussy and then she moan and raise her head up inhaling the pleasure, I put my hand inside more and felt the temperature of the V, that place they hot like wetin holyghost fire.
I draw her head closer and continue kissing her
while i use my other hand to romance her pussy, she touch my dick inside my trouser and start robbing it diligently, then she bend down and pull my zip, I was surprise she ain’t even ashamed (Benin girls no dey shame ask ritababe) she pull out my dick and start sucking it very well e come be like say na we Ginger the guys and ladies wey they there becus they all start playing love in the hall, the dark hall only oh, I was enjoying the bj like kilode, she suck like Madonna (oh yeah Madonna don suck me before, for dream).
she stood up and kiss me on my lips again then she whisper to me (I want you to fuck me). oh yeah am ready even some guys don they gbog already, I turn her to face the wall I shift her trouser down making her pussy visible a little though I can’t see it all becus everywhere is dark, I use my hand to
guide my hard dick inside her wet pussy, I insert it first and remove it again, I did it thrice to make my dick wet with her juice before I insert it finally and start digging, she was also thrusting back to make it more interesting and easier for me, her pussy is wide no doubt but I am glad am digging it after all my money no go waste like that, three guys are digging their bae including me making it four
while others are rolling on the floor romancing
I can’t even find cynthia and Adesuwa self I just hope they don’t come near this place at all becus
I have plans for both of them also. the room has turn to sex room with moaning sound everywhere, Efe was moaning too but not loud, I was thrusting very fast then I hold her close and shift her closer to the wall also romancing her boobs with my hands, this time she moan loud a little, then I stop and she force me to lie down, she sat ontop my dick and start digging me very well like say no tomorrow again oh well na only today so make she dig me very well, I sat up and started meeting her
thrust both of us sitting up as we were digging her breast was crying to be freed from her bra, then I free the boobs and it start daggling up and down, I use my mouth to catch the boobs and start sucking it while we continue fucking. then from nowhere somebody came and said “pls is almost twelve time to get going ”
who the hell is that?

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