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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


we were shocked to see someone looking at us with light, we quickly adjust ourself very well.
"una weldone."
Me: Cynthia?
Cynthia: yeah its me please dress up let's start going.
she said and walk out on us.
"I think she's really angry" said Efe as she buckle herself up and got up from where she sat.
Me: that's her own let's start going.
Efe: okay dear.
we left the hall only to see Cynthia and Adesuwa quarreling outside and when they saw us they stop quarreling and both just squize their face.. I walk to Cynthia and as I wanted to say something she stop me using her right hand to signify she don't want to hear anything from me. AndI kept quiet as we all walk out of the restaurant in silence, we came out of the big gate and we saw a taxi, we enter inside and explain to the driver where to drop us, he took the girls to their house in Uniben before taking us to dumez, inside the car I tried to talk to Cynthia but it seems like she's still not in the mood to talk so I relax and kept shut till we reach our street, we came and started walking inside the street so I tried to converse with her again.
Me: come on Cynthia am sorry na.
Cynthia: sorry about what exactly?
Me: about me and Efe..
Cynthia: now why will you be sorry?
Me: I don't know maybe because I disappoint you.
Cynthia: not really, am glad you and Efe are getting along.
Me: come on dont be like this na, I know I know hurt your feelings so am apologising, come on do you want me to go on my kneels?
Cynthia: hahahahahaha you are funny you know that? first of all me and you don't have anything going and we are just friends so how come you saying you hurt my feelings?
Me: am sorry na, I was drunk I shouldnt have followed her.
Cynthia: oh now you blaming yourself for getting drunk, oh well you didn't even drink so drop the blame thing joor.
Me: am I forgiven?
Cynthia: you didn't do anything dear, its your life and you can live it anyhow you want.
Me: hmmm you are right though its my life but still yet am sorry because you took me out and I disappoint you, am really sorry.
Cynthia: what ever, goodnight.
Me: you won't escort me small?
Cynthia: for you to pass only one house? goodnight joor.
Me: alright ma.
she branch to her house while me continue trekking down till I got to my house, I followed back and knock at our door, my sister didn't answer, I called her three times before she pick it up, I told her to open the door for me and she did, I enter inside room and just sleep like dead person.
The next day is sunday and we woke up and start preparing for church, this will be my first time going to church service here and I can't wait. we dress and by nine me my sister Cynthia and Aneeta we all on our way to church, the church was a little bit far, we reach there and already service Don start, na Anglican church.
I love the church because of the praises and dance, they praise God like people that are alive, you know there are some cburhes you will go to and after service you will be regretting why you go that church.
service end and my sister and Aneeta wait for youth meeting, but Cynthia said we should be going so I followed her home, when we reach her compound I followed her inside her room and we sat down and start gisting.
Me: I hope you still not angry about yesterday?
Cynthia: oh about that you forgot your wallet with me yesterday.
Me: oh yeah I remember.
Cynthia: you remember and you didn't bother to ask?
Me: oh well I believe yesterday wasn't the right time.
Cynthia: why?
Me: because I angered you.
Cynthia: seriously? I told you to forget that, we are just friends aren't we?
Me: hmmmm
Cynthia: why are you humming?
Me: I was telling you sorry because I have feelings for you.
Cynthia: hahaha you have feelings for me and yet fuccking another girl in my presence, not just another girl but my friend for that matter.
Me: am sorry ( I walk to were she sat and knelt down close to her) am really sorry and I was really angry with myself for disappointing you.
Cynthia: to me it dosnt matter and me and you can't happen am sorry.
Me: come on please give me a chance and see how humble I will be like loyal dog.
Cynthia: am not looking for a dog.
Me: haha am just telling you how loyal I will be to you if you allow me,
I started touching her lap from where I kneel, rubbing her laps and looking at her eyes, she wore white gown with buttons, I romance her lap shifting her gown upward then she got up and walk to the door.
Cynthia: I see your intention now, please get out (I was surprise like what the hell is wrong with this girl self).
Me: Cynthia.
Cynthia: get out. (she roared)
I can see the anger in her eyes so I gently got up and walk pass her to the door, but instead of the door I turn to her and press her to the door and started kissing her, she pulled off and slap me, then she pull my head closer and start kissing me, I raise her up straight to the bed, I lay ontop her and pull my shirt then I started unbutton her gown from her lap to the top
"oh mehn see fresh lap with her white pant, I press my hand inside her pant and relax ontop her wetting her lips with mine and also fingering her pussi with my right hand..

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