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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


no need to waste time at all since our people go soon come make I just enter the paradise commit small sin and leave, (if there is anything like small sin) maybe next time own go they romantic, this first time own I nor wan miss am at all, we fit even they romance now and she just change her mind, some girls are like that and many here can testify.
I lay ontop her kissing her lips and romancing her breast very well, she was rubbing my back also and then I sit up and remove my shirt and then I unbuckled my zip and draw my trouser down a little.
I put hand inside her skirt to draw her pant down but she hold me,
"not now please" by this kind time na that word I they hate pass, I sleep ontop her again and put my mouth on hers and start exchanging spit as usual to put her in the mood again, then I slowly use my right hand to shift her pant down and raise her blouse upward, she was trying to stop me but I hold her two hands ontop her head with my right hand while I use my left hand to spread her leg open,.
she was saying "oz stop it, stop it please, please now stop it."
all that no they enter ear again na to enter thy kingdom they my mind now.
I balance ontop her and use my left hand to raise her right leg up a little then I locate her pussi and insert my hand "ahhhhhh" she screamed out loud, I confirm she was damn wet then I use my hand to guide my dick inside the wet pussi and na so my dick enter piumm like river Niger. (she don wet gan)
I started digging in small small making her to be pleasurize, (permit me to use that word).
she was still saying stop it oz please I beg you then I start hearing "ahh do it faster, come on."
I release her hands and Balance very well on her body then I started pounding her very well like pounded yam, she was rubbing my back and even pinching me sense, then I stop and turn her around making her to raise her ass up while facing down, then I enter from the back and she scream again, I start pounding the ministry, we start from church and we come finish am here, without telling you guys una suppose know which one I enjoy pass.
I was doing it faster and faster and she was screaming louder and louder, I close my eyes like am in heavy I can't believe am digging this girl with big ass and two wise breast, as I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure then the devil came, somebody opened the door..

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