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Friday, 9 February 2018


I don’t know why the devil will choose by this time to disturb especially when its getting interesting,.
I was pounding her from behind when somebody open the door without knocking, I jump out of Cynthia’s body and turn around only to see mama Favor, the landlady (the woman from same town with me).
Cynthia: mama favor.
Mama Favor: chai and una just they come from church God they watch una oh, abeg give me my filter I wan use am.
Cynthia shamefully stood up shifting her blouse down and walk to where they keep plate, she took the filter and gave it to her, as she was going she said.
“omohe uha leleo le ovare Mi me”
Cynthia: mummy favour abe….
Mama Favor: no worry I nor go tell your sister so far your guy do wetin I tell am.
she said so and left.
Cynthia: oh god why did I forget to lock the door, okay oz please start going, you have enjoyed yourself right?
Me: am really sorry c baby.
Cynthia: just start going before my sister gets here and the situation gets worse.
Me: I will go but know that am serious with what I said earlier.
Cynthia: just go we will talk about that later please.
Me: alright dear.
I stood up and took my Bible then I left her alone to think about what I said, as I leave the room I feel blessed, does it mean I was blessed inside the room rather than in the church?.
question for you guys to answer.
I came out front of the house and I saw mama favor sitting and eating banana in front of her store, omo the way she was even eating the banana is like she’s sucking dick.
Mum favor: omohe lohua ( big boy).
Me: mummy favor esee (weldone).
mum favor: you don do am finish na abi?
Me: haha no be so oh you nor go understand ma.
Mum Favor: after you they come for church and you nor even lock door what if na her sister open the door?
Me: thank god say nor be she oh.
Mum Favor: see who just fuck finish they call god (chai see as this woman they call fuck anyhow, did I tell you guys that her husband is a pastor).
Me: hahaha no be my fault na I like the girl well well.
Mum favor: you sure or you just want see the color of her pant and leave.
Me: I swear I like her die and I fit do anything for her.
Mum favor: hmmmm so wetin una go take bribe me?
Me: mummy you na madam na just help us keep am secret na.
Mum favor: no oh una go bribe me oh.
Me: okah how much then?
Mum favor: no worry first, when I ready I go tell you.
Me: alright ma make I they go house first before my sister come.
mum favor: bye bye no forget say you owe me one.
Me: yes ma.
I left her house and stroll to mine with smile on my face as if I win lottery, mummy favor said I owe her one but I don’t know what it is I just hope it won’t be something that I don’t like.
mummy favor is cool and beautiful, she has three little children all of them are girls, she gat big ass like anita Joseph and nice boobs also, not that I want her but I just they tell una how she be for future reference (winks).
I open door and enter inside my room, I off my clothes and sleep for bed. tomorrow computer training they start oh, I can’t wait to start operating computer, my sister said she will buy laptop for me after I master computer so I will concentrate hundred percent no dulling things.
after twenty minutes later my sister came back from church and told me to follow her to market (how guy like me go they follow girl go market).
I don’t have a choice now do I? so I obeyed and followed her, I forgot the name of the market though its a small market for foodstuff only, when coming back we branch at one big hall where they sell phones, my sister told me to pick one phone that’s not too cost, I wanted to select Nokia X2 because na Nokia they board but something else got my attention, a fine android phone and not too cost also, I quickly select it and told them to package it for me, the name of the phone is tecno m3.
I so much love the phone that I didn’t even get home before I start operating it. we enter another shop and a boutique this time, she told me to select any clothes I like also.
Me: ha sister Joy this one you they buy things for me I hope level pure
Sis Joy: yes oh maga don pay but when we reach house I go tell you gist.
Me: okay na.
we discuss other stuff while shopping and by six in the evening we return from market and then she broke the news for me.
Sis Joy: I don get government work for owan east so I they commot this week.
Omooo llevel don pure be that na, too much fuccking go shele for this room be that na..

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