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Friday, 9 February 2018


Me: waoh congratulation ma, na to go shayo oh.
Joy: see your mouth like shayo no be something I buy you so?
Me: yes sister but we suppose pump champagne na.
Joy: no worry we go pump, I they commot on Tuesday.
Me: waoh thats next tomorrow and that’s quick.
Joy: yes I need to go process something’s before i start.
Me: okay big sis, so na only me go they stay now?
Joy: only you no fit stay?
Me: of course I can, how many months remain for your rent?
Joy: I still get many months till December.
Me: that’s cool my six months will be completed then.
Joy: yes and anytime you feel lonely you can go to upper sakponba and visit mummy sister.
Me: no wahala, but I don’t know the place oh.
Joy: tomorrow after you return from study I go carry you go fidelis house and our mama sister house for upper.
Me: alright big sis, tnx a lot I really appreciate.
Joy: you will come and be visiting me every month in the village to take some food and other stuff.
Me: okay ma, hope landlord won’t disturb me for anything?
Joy: nothing I have covered everything but don’t forget to sweep every morning.
Me: of course I go they sweep room na.
Joy: I mean the compound.
Me: jeez this big compound?
Joy: yes oh.
Me: chai big boy like me, so when I they start?
Joy: if you they shame you fit quick wakeup by five and sweep before people wake up, when your time reach they will tell you.
Me: yes bis sis.
Joy: okay time to cook.
Me: time to operate phone.
Joy: lol happy operating.
I took my new phone and start downloading while my sister prepare something for us to Cook, I enter playstore and start downloading games, I love game a lot but not like pussi, they say money is the root of all evil, on well that adage is for girls only, let me make it straight.
as for girls alright money is the root of all evil but for we guys pussy is the root of all evil.
pussy can make guys do all sort of things than money, if u give some guys pussy and money and ask them to choose, I guess your guess is as good as mine.
mekonglobal can attest to that.
I downloaded lots of games and installed.
after cooking we ate and relax, and by eight fidelis came to visit, she congratulate my sister and they gist for almost an hour then when she wanted to go I decide to follow them, I follow them from behind while they gist like say they wont see each other again, oh well maybe they won’t.
her house is not even fine I wonder why they say no guys can visit, maybe its becus of the two beautiful daughters they have, one have big boobs that makes it seem like the boobs are curse to her.
we greet them and enter parlour, my sis introduce me as her brother and na so the girls they look me as if them never see hairy person before, but the way them they do their eyes nobody need to tell me say na confirm ajebo them be.
we excuse ourself and walk to fidelis room, her room is very neat even though is just one room, it has one big bed and other stuff like that, I like her room and its very cold in here meaning sex would be nice here don’t you guys think so too?
but from my observation fidelis will be very hard girl to crack and break, well nothing is impossible na abi.
by nine we return to our house and sleep with smile on our face, the next morning we woke up and my sister start packing her things while i started preparing for lesson, I left home by nine with my money and all requirements, before nine thirty am already in the computer center handling my form to the director Mr Ogbemudia..

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