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Sunday, 11 February 2018


the place is just like a class room divided into two sections, the first one for business while the other for learning, inside the class they have like twelve computers and all of them are working, there are like five boys and six girls fully concentrated operating the computer, the man took me close to the wall and told me to sit down, I did and He went out to bring and another sit and sat close to me, then he start teaching me the basic soft wares and the characteristics, I know all these before but I can't talk, I have to keep quiet and let him teach me, don't want to be rude on my first day, after sometime he thought me how to switch the computer on and off, then he open a program for me called Mavis beacon and told me to follow her instructions, he left me alone while I continue typing, I look at the big fat girl on my left hand and saw her playing game, I love the game so much so i started watching her, she saw me and smile and then said.
"you should concentrate on your lesson, when is time they will allow you play game."
Me: oh thanks, what's the name of the game?
Girl: pigeon crossing.
Me: waoh okay thanks.
Girl: you welcome, its a typing tutorial too.
Me: I see it and that will be easy for me to learn than this boring one.
Girl: that's how I started too so just concentrate and when its time you will play it..
Me: thanks.
"hey you why are you making noise?" one of the girl shouted from outside.
Me: am sorry I was asking question.
"if you have any question ask us here and don't distract other people learning."
Me: alright.
I concentrated on my tutorial with madam Mavis beacon and everything was going on well but I wasn't happy, I have been doing this for two hours plus now at least I want another lesson joor, when its two the girl beside me started preparing to leave so I ask her.
Me: are you going?
Girl: yes is almost time.
Me: I thought we close by four?
Girl: when did you come?
Me: by ten.
Girl: I have been here since eight in the morning.
Me: waoh so we have different time range.
Girl: yes, see you tomorrow, what's your name by the way?
Me: am Ozila and you?
Girl: Ngozi
Me: waoh so you are Igbo?
NGO: no am Edo, bye for now.
she told the two witches outside that she's going before she left, how come she's Edo but bear Igbo name. oh well we will see tomorrow I think.
I continue my lesson and as Ngozi left others started leaving while new ones start coming among the new ones there is one girl that caught my attention, she's light and slin just like rihanna, and also she wore tight trouser with singlet, oh men that babe fine die, I look at my time and is almost four, time for me to start going but why this girl come show by this time na.
Sir: what's this you are wearing?
Girl: dress sir.
Sir: are you here to seduce us?
Girl: no Sir.
Sir: come on go home and come back tomorrow, if you like dress anyhow again.
the beautiful girl just turn back and started going home.
I took my things and told them am going..
Sir: but is not yet time.
Me: is almost time Sir.
Sir: okay see you tomorrow.
thank God say the man no hold me back oh or else I for nor see this rihanna for road again.
I came out of the center and look left and right and there on my right hand I saw her walking home gently, I started trailing her from behind walking fast to meet her and then from one store another guy came out and started following her from behind, the guy was ahead of me and I was angry, I started walking faster and faster as if something they pursue me, the girl turn left and the guy follow her too, before me they turn left I don see the guy they talk with the girl, they were strolling along the way and also conversing, I gave up and turm back, when I get to the store the guy came out from I look inside and saw that its a place were they barb hair, I look inside and didn't see anybody but I saw the owner's number at the sign board, I took my phone and store the number then I ran back to the place I left them. I didn't see them again but I kept on looking till I saw them at far far up ahead, I ran fast as if somebody is waiting for me and when I almost meet them I took my phone and call the number, the guy put hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, he pick it up.
Guy: hello.
Me: bros where you they na I wan barb oh.
Guy: bros abeg come back later I nor they.
Me: even five guys they wait here oh.
Guy: abeg wait and tell them to wait too I they come now now
I quickly cut the call and the guy turn back at once and started going back, he even pass me with haste..
I walk faster to meet the girl as I don almost meet her, she enter one store and never came out again.
I wait for almost an hour till rain start to they fall, then I started running home, before I reach home all my body don wet even my phone don chop water.

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