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Sunday, 11 February 2018


I got home and saw that everywhere is empty apart from my own bed,
her things has been arranged to one part of the room and i saw my sister
sitting on the floor eating indomie (this girl self).
Me: good evening ma.
Joy: welcome how lesson?
Me: fine ma, you don arrange everything finish oh.
Joy: sharp sharp even motor don ready to take me to owan east park.
(i took spoon from basket and join her to eat the little indomie).
Me: you sure say Owan East bus go fit carry all these loads.
Joy: why not? If i wan shatter motor the expenses go they too much and
even police fit hold us for road.
Me: ok oh no wahala, which time tomorrow morning you wan commot.
Joy: as soon as we return from Upper.
Me: wetin we wan go do for Upper?
Joy: you don forget about mama sister visit abi?
Me: oh i see so we go sleep there?
Joy: yes.
Me: okay oh.
Joy: eat and go ready na you i they wait for.
Me: no wahala.
After consuming the food, i took my new phone and clean the water from
the body thank God say water no enter inside but even though i still
open the back and drop it ontop the reading table, i took my bath and
before six we are on our way to Upper to meet my mummy sister living
there, she live with her children and the ones am familiar with are
John Faith and Mitchele, mitchele senior me with two years but i
senior the rest, faith is just six years while John should be
thirteen, they all look like their mum with their light colour like
We got to upper and took another bus going to Nomayo, we came down
before we reach nomayo junction and we enter one street like that i
forgot the name already, we trek for ten minutes or more before we
reach their little fine house, we saw John and Faith playing outside
and as soon as they saw us they ran at us, welcoming us like one kind
important guest (oh well we are important na arent we).
We enter house and mummy start asking question.
“how una they”
“what of mama”
“you don roundup abi”
“ozes how your wife”
too many questions to answer and my sister is doing a great job
answering them, i was looking around to see mitchele because shes the
only mature person like me i can relate with.
Me: John wey Mitchele?
John: she go out with her friends she go soon come.
I just hope she return on time because without her this place will be
boring for me, my sister and mummy engage in internal talk (marriage
things), i took my phone and went out to sit down so that i will be
seeing the beautiful girls passing, last time me and Mitchele relate
with each other we gist about so many things in the sense that she
gave her friend the phone to speak with me, since then i’ve been eager
to see that her friend patience, well since am here now nothing will
stop me from seeing her or else my visit here will be a total failure.
My sister and mummy confine themselves in kitchen cooking spaghetti
and also discussiong, before seven thirty Mitchele return from where
she went and come and see how her body is scenting with body spray,
when she saw me she jump at me and hug me tight with her big big
Mitchele: Oz how far na una no even tell person say una they come self abi?
Me: i they oh my able sister, we nor expect am like this na since
sister Joy want commot tomorrow we need to visit una make i know this
Mitchele: ozila ozila, come make we enter inside na.
We enter inside parlour and she hug sister Joy also and congratulate
her for the new Job, me and she enter inside her room and we start
gisting, i check her bag and saw take away rice, i quickly took it out
and started eating.
Me: so na outing you go?
Mitchele: yes oh very interesting one oh, na me and that your friend go na.
Me: waoh you mean pat?
Mitchele: yes na, she just return too, that upstair wey they by our
left hand na there she they stay.
Me: cool make we go visit her na.
Mitchele: no na, she go come here before she sleep, e get wetin we wan share.
Me: you mean she will reach our house.
Mitchele: yes na, i know say you like her so you go get chance talk to
her wella.
Me: hahahaha okay oh i just hope say she no go start to they form.
Mitchele: no oh she nor be like that na, so far you package her wella.
Me: lol no wahala i they wait for her.
Mitchele: no finish that rice oh na my evening food be that, wetin
mummy and sister Joy they cook self?
Me: spaghetti.
Mitchele: okay we go gather eat that one.
Why i love mitchele is that shes free to talk and she dont hide
anything, assuming shes not my sister i would love to date her, but
shes really not my sister na, shes my cousin abi niece, does it mean
we cant do? Oh well that question will be answered later on this story.
We all gather in parlour watching movie till her friend came,
when i saw her i stood up and was flabbergasted to see her (guess who
she is)

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