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Monday, 12 February 2018


I saw her and quickly stood up as if i saw a ghost.
Mitchele: Oz what is it?
Me: nothing i want to take water inside i will be inside your room.
Mitchele: okay na.
I left them there and walk inside mitchele’s room and relax on her
bed, i think i will sleep in her room self because this place is cool,
clean and wonderful.
What inside her cupboard self? let me check, I stood up from bed and walk
over to her cupboard, i open the top locker and saw books, not just any how books but explicit books am not surprise anyway, i lock it and
open the second lock and what i saw baffle me, i saw tramadol, condoms
and one big drug like that with brown colour i forgot the name but i
remember the uses, it is used for vagina treatment, that is to make
vagina smooth for entry, just like a fluid. (i hope am not corrupting
you guys, i wont say the name of the drug even though i remember).
You dont drink it but insert it inside your vagina, some girls might know it.
I took my phone out and snap the name of the drug so as not to forget,
i close the cupboard and ran back to the bed when i heard steps
approaching, Mitchele opened the door and came inside with my sex mate
in that restuarant Cynthia took me to, Efe.
Mitchele: Oz how far you just run leave us for parlour (she said and
join me in bed).
Efe: Good evening (she said, and quietly sat down on the only chair available)
Me: hey how far.
Efe: am fine and you.
Me: am just here, just boring.
Efe: sorry oh.
Mitchele: Oz meet my friend Patience, Pat meet my bro Ozila.
Me: waoh so you are pat the girl i spoke with through phone (i stood
up and strenght my hands to shake her).
Efe: yes i guess so, welcome to our creep.
Me: thanks alot, so what do you do?
Mitchele: she they seek admission for uniben. (she no even let her talk).
Me: really (i was surprised because she told me shes in uniben, so we
both lie chai fear girls).
Efe: yeah (she nor get choice) what about you?
Me: a student of uniport (i quickly spill out before my dear sis burst
my bubble).
Mitchele: huh (she look me like what the hell).
Efe: thats cool.
Me: yeah, so you live around this area?
Efe: not really i live close to uniben with my friend (i guess that
should be Adesuwa).
Mitchele: hmmm i will leave both of you let me go and bring some stuff to chew.
Me: buy something for me too.
Mitchele: no wahala.
Efe: you want to leave me here?
Mitchele: come on na, my bros go keep you company.
Efe: okay oh.
She stood up and went to her cupboard maybe to take some money, she
open the lock and look at me like she suspect that i opened the lock
She took her pox and left us alone in the room.
Me: hmmmm Efe.
Efe: hmmmm ozila.
Me: so you are patience the girl i’ve been speaking with?
Efe: i guess so.
Me: and you have to lie that you are studying in uniben?
Efe: and you have to lie that you studying in uniport?
Me: me is not a lie oh.
Efe: oh really you forgot you told me on phone the other time you
seeking for admission?
Me: really (caught in the act). Oh well i guess we both lied.
Efe: what did you come here to do?
Me: to visit my people my sister is leaving tomorrow so i have to know
this place before she leave.
Efe: hmmm thats cool so you will have time to be carrying girls to your
room now since you will be alone.
Me: haaa no oh, when i have you what will i do with others again.
Efe: mouth abi?
Me: come on (i stood up from bed walk to where she sat and then i
kneel down in front of her and start rubbing her hands) am not joking
Efe since that encouter in that restaurant i have been thinking about
you alot, please be my guardian here in benin lets build a little
world together.
Efe: see how you kneel down as if you are proposing to me.
Me: haha to show you am serious na (i put my hand on her lap, she wore
black jeans trouser).
Efe: okay i will think about it and give you a call alright (see person wey i don chop finish they talk nonsense, even me they dull).
Me: alright sweetie.
i took her two hands she fold together on her lap and started kissing
them, i use her hand to draw her head closer and then i hold her head
and we lock horns kissing, we started kissing seriously and then i use my
right hand and start rubbing her fresh laps, i move it to her ass and
start rubbing it, and then i move my hand slowly to her honeypot and start
rubbing it through her trouser, i was pressing it and massaging it and also kissing her, she started twisting her ass in favor of my hands, as I want to draw the zip down the door opened and my sister walk in.
Joy: Jesus Christ, na this one you wan they do for Benin?
If it is you what will you do?

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