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Monday, 12 February 2018


We quickly adjust and then she start.
Joy: ozes na this one u wan dey do for here abi?
Me: no oh sorry ma na mistake.
Joy: mistake wey you they touch person private part for house wey no be your own?
Efe: we are sorry ma, it was my fault.
Joy: hmmmm i nor know say you don spoil like this e be like u go follow me go village be that (she said and left us alone inside the room).
Me: am sorry Efe.
Efe: you should find a way to beg your big sister not me, am not angry at all.
Me: thank you.
Efe: let me start going now.
Me: wont you wait let Mitchele come.
Efe: no, call me later bye.
She said and left the room also, i slap myself two times for that fuckup, i lay in bed and started thinking about the matter, how can i
even face my sister again after this? I just hope what she said is a joke or else my own don finish, i cant leave Benin now i have lots of
mission to complete here, please God talk to my sister i promise to keep my dick in check.
I continue thinking till Mitchele walk in.
Mitch: wetin happen Ozila?
Me: i just fuckup oh.
Mitch: wetin happen, she nor gree?
Me: not really i go they touch and my sister come catch us.
Mitch: Jesus christ, and i pass parlour just now sister Joy no call me, i just hope she nor call me because i nor get wetin i go talk but why u fuckup like this na, first time u meet her u want they touch na wa for you oh.
Me: no be my fault na e don tey wey i do am.
Mitch: see you na fvck you they find, na benin you they you go see am tire.
Me: i nor even want again this one wey my confidence don reduce so, I they think how i go face my sister u dey talk about fvck.
Mitch: just act normal na, hope my mummy never know.
Me: no.
Mitch: i hope sister Joy no go tell her oh.
Me: i dont think so.
Mitch: oh well i buy wetin u ask me i believe now say you nor want again.
Me: i just tire joor leave that thing for table.
Mitch: okay oh.
She drop it on the table and started pulling her clothes in front of me, she remove everything remaining pant, (na there i nor say my sis get boobs, when i say boobs i mean booby).
Me: okotomikwete.
Mitch: wetin happen.
Me: nothing oh.
Mitch: you nor go turn your eye abi, i dey change you they look you
wan see wetin big pass you?
Me: lol i don see the one wey big pass your own.
Mitch: go sit down with your small dicck.
Me: you don see my dick before if i enter you you go they speak chinese.
Mitch: hahahaha good say u nor fit enter me because we relate.
Me: u be my nephew na.
Mitch: no na neice.
Me: na nephew joor which kind niece you know book pass me?
Mitch: na niece mumu you nor go school, na only how to go sex u learn
for school.
Me: na you sabi all i know be say you be my nephew.
Mitch: na your own be that.
She wore white sleeping gown and left me alone, i took my phone and started pressing it till nine thirty, she came in and relax in bed.
Me: they still they parlour?
Mitch: no everybody don go sleep remaining John, him they watch film.
Me: okay time to sleep.
Mitch: you nor go pray abi?
Me: God guide us as we sleep in Jesus name amen.
Mitch: Amen.
She they close to wall while me they out, i slept off within ten minutes, later in the night i sense hand rubbing my dick below i open eye and saw her smiling at me with her hands below.
Me: mitch…. (she use her other hand to cover my mouth).
Mitch: quiet (she said and continue robbing my dick and use her mouth to suck my tiny breast).
Mitch: am wet.
She said and climb on top me, she pull my box down and guide my dick inside her pussi, then she start moving up and down while i continue to watch like zombie.
Mitch: put ur hands on my breast (she said and took my two hands and then put them on her breast while she continue to ride me). I started enjoying it and i even sit up and grab her boobs and start sucking it, then i turn her around and then i enter inside her, doing it gently so as not to call attention, i was kissing her and fucking her also, she turn me over and then started whining her waist like vampire, she was doing it so fast that it look like am in heaven with seven virgins, i cant let her be on top so i turn her over again and start fucking her faster while she squeeze bed and hold me tight and then she finger my back and i shouted and stop.
We pause for a moment and then i heard sound coming, i quickly got up and took cloth and sleep on the floor while mitchele remain in the bed doing as if shes sleeping, somebody came in and look around, and then the person leave.
Five minutes after the disturb i jump in bed and me and mitchele
continue our kerewa.

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