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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


The next morning we all gathered in parlour to sing and pray as usual, there is something I observe in me anytime am alone I don’t always pray before and after bed but if am with my people we always pray, even if am with my girlfriend we always pray but if am alone I don’t pray, I pray I stop that bad habit in Jesus name Amen.
after prayer around 5:30am we gathered our things and enter road to dumez, mummy beg us to wait and eat but my sister wont even listen, I understand that she’s in a haste and even though she don’t want to eat what about me?
we reach park and she took her phone out and started calling the taxi man that will carry her loads, the man pick up and he told us to wait for him for five minutes, he came exactly five minutes later we enter inside the taxi after greeting each other.
Taxi man: you say we no go carry chair abi?
Joy: yes chair no they.
Taxi man: okay oh, na which park we go drop them?
Joy: for owan east park for mission road back of unity bank (former central bank).
Taxi man: okay I know there no wahala.
I just kept shut as they discuss along the way, I wonder why he don’t want to carry chair and I also wonder what my sister will do with the chair inside our room.
no traffic on the way so we arrive safely and we started packing immediately, am still shy to look at my sister face to face after what happened at Upper, we park everything and my sister even took the chair inside our room and when the driver saw it he started.
Taxi man: I nor they carry that chair because I ask u and u say no chair so just drop am.
Joy: na where u come want make I drop the chair?
Taxi man: no be our agreement be that drop the chair or pack ur things commot make I dey go. (I wonder what the fuse about the chair and it a small chair oh).
Joy: they go na me I nor fit leave this chair oh.
they continue to argue till my sister agree to add 200# before he agreed to carry the chair, we get to owan east park by 6:30am and then we saw one bus going already, when owan east driver saw my sister’s load another wahala start, they bargain for thirty minutes before they settle for 5000#. (I wonder why my sister they argue no be say she nor get money oh).
my sister gave me some dolls and advice me a little, she said that if I impregnate any girl she will stop taking care of me and start taking care of the baby, that word alone make my dick shrink. I left them there and find my way to dumez, when it was around seven aunty Aneeta visit me at home wearing her work uniform (nursing dress and she look sexy on it).
Aneeta: so she don go without even telling me.
Me: we early pack oh and na from my mummy sister place we bring taxi come here.
Aneeta: okay oh, your sister say make I take care of you and anything you want just ask me okay.
Me: alright thanks ma (I hope she will give me pussi too).
Aneeta: alright I dey go work now I will visit again later in the evening okay.
Me: alright bye ma, buy somethung for me oh.
Aneeta: no wahala.
( as she walk out I look AF her ass not too big like her sisters own but I like it like that, her selling point is her Boob’s and I must press that Boob so help me God)
five minutes after she left her sister cynthia appear, I was glad she did, I was about taking my bath when she came so she met me with towel.
Me: Cynthia baby wassup?
Cynthia: I dey fine and you?
Me: I be nor they fine but as I don see u now am okay.
Cynthia: stop joor, so na only u go they stay now?
Me: yes oh my sister don leave the room for me and you.
Cynthia: you nor well see if I return from work we need to talk about what happen last time oh.
Me: come on now wetin we wan discuss again I thought we settle the issue if there is any at all.
Cynthia: not yet, mama favor they disturb me make u come see her.
Me: really I will try visit her when I return from lesson, so for now wassup( I was saying and getting closer to her, I wanted to hold her when she ran out).
Cynthia: see you later in the evening when I return. from work. (she said and disappear)
I get ready and before nine am on my way to computer lesson, I get there and walk to my computer at once after greeting the ladies there, I boot the computer and continue my mavix beacon, I saw Ngozi things but I didn’t see her, after ten minutes she walk in.
Me: welcome.
Ngozi: thank you fine boy.
Me: haa me fine boy abeg forget that talk joor.
“una don start again abi, oya ozila stand up”.
I don’t know why this girl is always on my neck, she took me to another computer making sure me and Ngozi don’t communicate again, now we are backing each other.
I concentrate on my computer while she also concentrate on hers I try to strike conversation with the girl beside me but it seems like shes scared or don’t want to talk, I was bored so I took a book and wrote “am bored” I send it to Ngozi, after some minutes I saw a paper on the floor where I sat, I took and read it “let us chat on WhatsApp” she also wrote her number down, I quickly store on my phone and refresh my WhatsApp contacts I saw her online and type “hi”
NGO: why are u bored concentrate on your study.
Me: I can’t study all day.
NGO: play game.
Me: no good game on this computer.
NGO: hmmmm okay it almost time for me to go can you escort me let’s talk on the way.
Me: if they will allow me yes.
NGO: of course they will just tell them u want to go and buy something.
Me: okay thanks I appreciate.
NGO: ha thanks for wetin even me too am bored so let’s go out, hope u with some bar.
Me: bar like?
NGO: like money u be Jew.
I hope this girl won’t run me dry.

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