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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


When it time for her to go she signaled me and walk out of the class and then after five minutes i went out taking excuse that i want to go and buy something, i disappear from the hall and called Ngo, she told me to meet her in main road on my left, i walk a few metres and then i
saw her standing in front of main road opposite our church street.
Ngo: i though you wont come again?
Me: haa say wetin happen nobody can stop me na.
Ngo: okay you wont go back oh because you will follow me to market from market to my house and then from my house we go party together, how do you see it?
Me: a wonderful plan dear, you said we will go your house, do you live alone?
Ngo: not really i live with my best friend.
Me: waoh thats cool, but are you sure she will be happy with me around?
Ngo: of course why not? we own the room together and any of us can bring whoever we want without any trouble.
Me: oh thats alright, hope she is as beautiful like you?
Ngo: see you, na wa for you oh.
Me: haha am joking though, which market are we going?
Ngo: small market before sapele road.
Me: oh i know it,vmy sister took me there before.
Ngo: really, where is she now?
Me: she return to village so am alone now.
Ngo: will you stay for long or you will still go back to your place.
Me: i will stay very long, might even stay here thoughout this year.
Ngo: that would be great.
Me: thanks so far you are always around to keep me busy.
Ngo: no fear for that one i they here for you, but what about your girlfriend.
Me: girlfriend ke? I think say na you be my girlfriend now?
Ngo: hahahaha abeg no use laugh kill me abeg.
Me: come on no break my heart oh, i don relax already say i don see better babe wey i go they mae with no break my heart oh.
Ngo: quiet joor make we buy something enter house we don reach market.
i dont really know what is wrong with me because since i start that computer lesson i have never stayed till closing time and also am
spending my money on someone i dont even know if she will give me kpomo or not, if she dont give me kpomo i will kill her because i spend two thousand naira for her buying foodstuff only, not only that on our way back i also buy top and leggins also, oh well not that am new to the game but am yet to settle down and i need puna to be destroying every night since she work with same place with me and shes always there to assist me then i gat no other choice than to bow to all her demands, like play like play i spend almost all my money on her before we reach her house and found her friend sleeping on the floor opening yash like someone that just did threesome in hot frypan.
Ngo friend: ha ngo you no tell me you they come with person na?
Ngo: na im make you open yash like that abi?
Me: good evening big aunt.
Ngo friend: (she arrange herself and use pillow to cover her laps before replying me) good evening joor how are you?
Me: am fine thanks.
Ngo: abeg arrange the room make i cook something.
they live in one room with expensive stuff like plasma tv, fridge, rug and big family bed also, i wonder what they are doing to be able to
buy all those expensive things oh. Ngo dropped the things she bought and when her friend (temitope) saw it she hala.
Temih: waoh where you get money buy all these?
Ngo: thank our friend wey sit down there.
Temih: chai bros thank you oh, you try well well.
Me: no wahala na, na manage we all they manage oh.
Temih is yoruba while Ngo is igbo though she told me shes not Igbo (tales of two friends), temih is black and slim with chocolate body
while ngo has same features just that shes fat a little.
Temih arrange the room as i sat on the only cushion chair in the big room while ngo prepare something for us to eat, after temih finish
arranging she sat on the bed facing me and concentrate on watching the plasma tv on the wall, she tied rapper with a white top, the way
she sit like madam look seducing though i remove my mind from that. I continue pressing my phone and when i look at her again i saw her open her legs carelessly almost revealing her pants, she look at me and i quickly turn my face. When i look at her again this time her pants are showing and she was smiling also, with her hands on her jaw watching TV. I cleared my throat and cross my leg like peter pan for her not to see my rising dick. I dont think am going house this night because something must happen whether i like it or not.

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