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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


oh yeah am damn right something must happen, na only fool go spend this much and don’t taste anything in return no be say I be worker oh na my sister give me the money.
Temih: so Mr oz where do you live?
Me: dumez..
Temih: oh cool close to school of Heath right?
Me: yes, so which state are you from? (na now I know say I wan ask questions)
Temih: am from Ondo, Ifon precisely.
Me: oh that’s cool, so what do you do for a living?
Temih: nothing, am studying nursing in school of health here.
Me: oh so you can start giving us injection abi?
Temih: hahaha I don’t need to na since your sister can do that.
Me: I will still prefer another person instead of my sister.
Temih: ha you be bad boy na.
NGO: na wetin una dey talk like that? (she said as she came in)
Temih: knowing ourself.
Me: it getting dark do you think we will still go outing today?
NGO: I don’t know yet let’s finish eating first before we talk about that.
Me: okay no problem.
NGO continue her cooking while me and temih continue eyeing each other inside discussing about our past.
after she finish cooking she arrange everything ontop table and called us to eat, I nor dey shame for food at all especially food wey I like, if u want to poison me use two things food or pussi.
I even standup before temih self go wash my hand, when I see the palatable EBA omo my tummy make noise.
we sit round the table and I prayed in my mind before eating, EBA with afang soup.
Me: you said you are not Igbo so who taught you Hw to cook afang soup so well.
NGO: ha na only Igbo they cook afang soup?
Me: I think so na.
NGO: no joor, let’s eat please before talk.
I they hate that talk “table manners” oh yeah it good to maintain eating but na by then me they talk pass, I can’t eat in silence oh because na when something they sweet me I go they remember sweet something to talk about.
we ate in silence and before one hour time we don consume everything for plate finish, NGO arrange the plate while Temih showed me the bathroom to shower because am sweating very well, I enter shower and took my bath before I return back to parlour, I check the time and it pass seven now.
Temih: your house far from here oh when u wan go house? (when girls they talk that you know say them want you out.)
NGO: Temih leave him na, he will sleep here oh.
Me: ha hahaha that will be nice.
temih: see you.
they took their bath one after the other and then we started watching movie, Temih sat in bed while me and NGO relaxed on the only chair in the room.
after sometime NGO sleep on the chair putting her two legs on my laps while I adjust to make her comfortable, then she WhatsApp me on my phone.
“I hope you are comfortable?”
“yes thanks for the food i really enjoyed it”
“ha I should thank you na you made it possible dear”.
“thanks, I think I will be going now”
“come on, are you telling me you can’t go home by 12, or you are not a man”.
“lol no am not”
“ha story for the gods”
she use her leg to touch my oga Sir, and then she replied.
“even the man don wakeup”
“now you know am more than a man”
we continue chatting like that and she wore a long gown, I use my right hand to reply her while I started using my left hand to rub her leg, i was massaging it very well moving up at every minute.
“na wetin you they do”
“helping you massage your leg for stress of today. ”
and then I saw her go offline and after she went offline, Temih phone ring for some seconds and stop, then temih took her phone, stood up and left us alone in the room.
Me: where did she go?
NGO: to buy something I guess.
she drop her phone and concentrate on the movie facing front while me drop my phone too and face her leg concentrating this time, as I rub her leg she adjust also to make sure I touch the right spot,.
Me: you have beautiful legs.
NGO: thank you.
am now alone with what I want but the confidence is not here, I just stay there rubbing her legs for almost ten minutes when I realize the amount I spent on her then my confidence came back, she have fresh body just that she’s fat, I continue rubbing her leg and this time moving up her big ass, I started touching her body from her laps to her waist and then her ass, she didn’t even make any noise and that give me the courage to move further into complete romance, I bend and turn her to face me while I sleep ontop her, I touch her hairs with my hands and balance her head, I look her straight in the eyes and said “oh god you are so beautiful and your lips so tempting.
Me: errm thank you, and wat are you waiting for if its tempting?
lobatan, that’s all am waiting for, i kissed her sweet lips, she didnt bulge, I remove my head and use my right hand to press her right boob, she moan loudly opening her mouth then I kiss her again and this time she kiss me too, she put her two hands around my head and open her legs wide to comfort me, we kiss for minutes and also pressing her Boob’s to put her in the mood more, I move my right hand down and press her v side, she moan again and then I bend down, I shift her gown up and saw her white pant, I started kissing her v through the pant and the odour coming out from there can be used to soak garri because it was cool, I started licking it and then I use my right finger shift the pant to one side, she was damn wet like kilode, i put my tongue and lick the juice, as I was licking it she use her two hands to hold my head there like magnet make I nor commot am again, she was moaning loudly twisting her ass like twister, I manage to rescue my head from the grip and then I insert one finger and she moan again, then i insert another and the moan multiply by two, i was fingerbleeping her while my trouser wan tear because of my dick, after some seconds her pussi don wet again, then she hold me up and said “can we do it now?”.
I stood up and remove my trouser and my shirt, she was still lying on the chair when I walk to her and make her to touch my Dickson. she started playing with it while I also rub her boobs, she stroke it for some time before she insert it inside her mouth, she was lying on the chair sucking my Dickson, I was enjoying it too Cus she knows how to do t very well, I was in cloud nine I even saw myself in heaven begging god not to make me wakeup again from this dream, I release I was in cloud nine when I release on her face, then she swallow it and smiled “you never start work you they release abi”
Me: e mean say the future is bright.
she started stroking and sucking again after five minute’s my anaconda don rise like full moon ready for battle, she pushed me down and then I relaxed ontop her, I started kissing her again while she use her hand to guide my dick inside her, I started fucking her slowly, I was naked ontop her but she still wear gown but her pant is off, i started slowly before I increase my pace, she was using her two hands to be hitting my ass as she moan in pleasure, I continue digging faster and faster, I love fat girls, the hole no dey end at all not like slin girl wey u go dey touch intestine all the time, I fucck the hell out of her for five minutes when she push me out of the chair and stand up releasing something like fluid, she bend down putting her two hands ontop table, I didn’t stop I meet her and enter from behind, I started digging again as her Boob’s bounce like felele ball, after two minutes she release again, the fluid push my dick commot for her pussi self, the thing they come out like tap (borehole).
after she piss finish I enter again and start digging, I hold on and remove her gown completely before I continue, “oh yeah fuck me faster pls, yeahhhhhh” i was doing it faster even table wan break before her water push my dick out again, I will fuck for some minutes and she will release, I didn’t enjoy it as I plan because she too get oil joor, we fuck for 30 minutes plus before I release, we slept on her bed like dead wood, not minding if anybody enter or not. later in the midnight I felt someone touching my dick, I open eye and saw Temih below me sucking my dick..
Me: Temih
Temih: shhhhhhhhhh
Me: what time is it?
Temih: pass twelve.

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