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Thursday, 15 February 2018


I sleep at her back and spread the leg a little, I put spit on my hand and put it on her pussi then I climb her though I use my two hands to support myself with the bed so that my body won’t touch her, I shift the leg again to have clearer view of her pussi, and then I insert the weapon and start gboging her slowly, and within minutes her pussi don they sleepery already, I was going in and out without any hold up nor traffic jam, and when I look at her face I saw her smiling, she open her leg wide for better penetration and I didn’t fail to deliver, I was doing it faster this time and am even surprise Temih is still sleeping, is she that tired? after some time NGO got up and told me to sleep, I sleep and face up and she came ontop me facing her ass at me, she put my divk inside her and start fucking me badly, she na real bad girl badder than rihanna,
she continue fucking me and the thing be say na only her ass they move her body no they move follow her, at first I even thought I will release on time so that I will be on my way but I was wrong, she dig me for almost 30 minutes before I later came. guess what after I came she want us to do again,.
Me: come on that should be later am going home now
NGO: alright I really enjoy myself sweet.
Me: me too dear.

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