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Friday, 16 February 2018


I Peck her on her head and wear my trouser quickly, I look at Temih and saw that she’s still sleeping like a baby, I smile and rush out of the room with NGO waving goodbye.
I came out and saw that people have already started going to work, I came out from their place and face road to my home, I walk for five minutes before I reach my computer center, within three minutes more I reach school of health And technology Benin.
I turn to my left and continue walking for another ten minutes or more before I reach my street, I enter my street, I pass mama favor shop and saw her bringing her goods out already..
Me: good morning mama favor..
Mama: ah ah where you they come from this early morning?
Me: I go visit my aunt for it upper.
Mama: okay hope she they fine sha.
Me: yes. see you later make I go prepare for lesson.
Mama: no problem, try come see me today oh.
Me: okay no wahala. bye.
I left her and pass the building separating us before I reach my house, I enter room and relax on my bed, as I wanted to get up and get ready for lesson I felt some pains on my body so I lay down back, am feeling pains because of what NGO and Temih did to me and instead of them to give me body pain drugs they were giving me manpower for more sex, thunder wey go fire them still they do press up for heaven.
I relaxed back and within minutes my phone started ringing, I look at the screen and saw that it is Mitchele and even my battery is almost down it remaining 5 percent, I pick it up.
Me: sweetheart how far?
Mitch: lovie I they oh how are you?
Me: am fine too whats popping this one wey u remember me today so.
Mitch: you nor they even Shame to talk am
Me: wetin you mean?
Mitch: how you go just forget me like that eh?
Me: sorry no vex dear na lesson cause am.
Mitch: na wa for you oh, where you they now?
Me: I they house now.
Mitch: why you nor go lesson?
Me: babe I they feel my body like train they move inside me.
Mitch: wetin you do?
Me: nothing oh .
Mitch: you sure?
Me: of course na.
Mitch: okay I they come I go buy body pains for you.
Me: really?
Mitch: yes, within one hour time I will be there.
Me: alright thanks sweet I they wait..
Mitch: no problem

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