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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


As i released inside her she rest on my body breathing like crazy goat.
Me: mummy favor stand up make i go house before your husband return.
Mama: no worry my husband wont be coming back tilll eve..........
She was still saying when we heard horn in front of the house.
Me: who is that?
She quickly jump up from my body and switch on the tap, before i know it
someone knock on the door and shout "honey where are you".
Me: jesus your hus....
she covered my mouth with her hands and then push me to the back of
the bathroom door.
Mama: darling am here.
"oh you are bathing?".
Mama: yes darling why are you home so early?
"came to collect something"
Mama: alright dear will be done in a minute.
"never mind am on my way already".
Mama: okay take care then.
i heard his footstep as he came inside the room and then walk out
again, but as he was going out he pause and came back.
"honey who owns this shot?".
Mama: oh it belong to a guy, i was searching for the button that will suit it.
"i told you to always put all your sowing materials on the shop".
Mama: i dont have it so i decided to check inside house.
"okay bye".
Mama: bye dear.
i thought he was going but instead he open the bathroom door and pip
inside, i saw his big aboro head through the door but he cant see me, .
Mama: i thought you are going?
"just want a little peck from my sweeteheart before i go".
Mama: oh dear.
she peck her and then the man grab his head and kiss her, he wanted to
come in and do more but mama favor push him out and they both left the
Mama: go work na, i just want to bath and return to shop.
"come on five minutes quickie wont be bad" (na pastor they yarn like this).
Mama: no return back from work and you can have me all for yourself.
"come on you know the children will be disturbing".
Before i they hear another word na "ah ah ah" i look through the door
and saw the man pouncing mummy favor, mummy favor lay on the bed
facing it while daddy ram her from behind, i was so angry as if mummy
favor is my wife i started getting jealous, he Bleep her for five minutes
truly before he buckle up and then hit his hand on her ass and left
her on the bed, he left the room and within two minutes i heard the
sound of his car leaving the compound.
The door to the bathroom open and mummy favor came in.

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