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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Mama: time to go Oz. (she tie rapper i wonder wetin she they hide wey
i don ram her already)
Me: i cant wait.
I pass her and took my clothes and then i ran out of her house like
madman, i reach house and saw Mitchele waiting for me sitting on my
frontage with her black mama's bag.
Me: mitchele?
Mitch: Ozila
Me: how long have you be here?
Mitch: not too long.
i sat in front of my frontage with her.
Me: how are you?
Mitch: i just they, where did you go to?
Me: oh i went to check the next premier league features.
Mitch: did you fight there because you look rough.
Me: i was running to welcome you unfortunately you are the one welcoming me now.
Mitch: so can we go inside now?
Me: sure.
i opened the door to my room and then hold her hand in, as i was
backing the door i saw my neighbour that beautiful girl starrring
at me from her window facing kitchen, she rolled her eye for me and then
thumb me up, i just smile and lock the door.
Mitch relaxed on the bed.
Me: so whats up?
Mitch: whatsup? Oh well maybe you can tell me.
Me: how (i join her on the bed).
Mitch: how? Oh well you can start by explaining why am having
nightmare about you.
Me: really?
Mitch: the latest one i saw myself with big tummy and was running away
from home.
Me: haaa who are you running to?
Mitch: i was running after a plane going to India.
Me: ha na india man come give you belle?
She pinched me.
Me: awwww sorrry, oh well it is just a dream.
Mitch: it look so real maybe its the future.
Me: oh come on stop it will you like to have that kind of future.
Mitch: oh well its not that bad if i know who is inside the plane.
Me: you can forget about it because we dont have anybody in in......
(and then i remembered the indian woman i was involve with).

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