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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Mitch: what is it Ozila?
Me: nothing i mearnt we dont have any relative in India or do you?
Mitch: no.
Me: good so its a just dream nothing else, is that the dream about me.
Mitch: yes.
Me: but i wasnt involve.
Mitch: oh well i started dreaming about it after we had sex, and there
is another where they lock both of us in a cell, they chain our hands
together and use cain to whip us.
Me: now am getting scared.
Mitch: do you want me to finish it?
Me: i have heard enough abeg, but know that they all dream and nothing
else, nothing will hapen to both of us.
Mitch: am scared.
Me: dont be, oh come here.
she came closer and hug me, i can feel her heart beat and it was
beating fast.
she free herself from my grip and then i use my two
hands to hold her head looking her straight in the eyes before i
kissed her with slow motion, and then i later stop and told her "am
having feelings for you mitchele".
Mitch: me too but you know we are related.
Me: it dosnt matter dear, if we are related as you said then where is
the libido for sex between us coming from?
Mitch: i dont know.
Me: good, lets forget about this we will talk later in the night hope
you are staying the night?
Mitch: of course, do you think i will leave all this foodstuff for you alone?
Me: hahahaha then i guess we start cooking now.
Mitch: you rest since you are not well while i prepared delicious food for you.
Me: hmmmm your stay here will be fun but why cant i join you?
Mitch: because you are not too sound by the way i bought some drugs for you.
Me: thanks alot i will take them after i finish eating.
Mitch: alright, rest then.
Me: yes my love.
I rest on my bed while she got up and change to something comfortable
because she want to cook, the dresses are comfortable to her but to me
they are not because my dick is shouting below "let me up, let me up,
let me up".
I was annoyed that i shouted at my dick "keep quiet".
Mitch: what?
Me: sorry not you am talking to my phone.

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