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Sunday, 4 February 2018


I was so confuse why she left like that i thought i was gonna have my way, maybe i didnt press harder i should have convince her or rather confuse her a little, afterall one babe use to say if you cant convince them then you confuse the crap out of them.
I took my indomie and switch off the stove, i took some from inside pot and then i went outside to eat, i was eating sitting alone at our frontage (the backyard of our landlords house), then somebody open the back door of our landlady’s house and a skinny light and tall girl came out, i saw her and greet her good evening ma, she look me somehow like she hasnt seen me here before.
Girl: you new here abi?
Me: yes
Girl: which one you be? (the way she dey talk i can bet she even senior my sister, and i was right because i later found out that she marry before but her husband died mysteriously with no child after three years of marriage, but i can still do something na abi?).
Me: be as in?
Girl: which one of them be your girlfriend or sister (she was saying and also opening the door to their kitchen).
Me: oh Sister Joy, my elder sis.
Girl: na today you come?
Me: yes i just arrive this afternoon.
Girl: okay welcome.
Me: thank you.
She took whatever she went to take in kitchen and then lock the door and as she they enter her house i ask.
Me: but ma wetin be your name?
Girl: am sibi.
Me: okay good night. (i wonder which kind name be that one, sibi means spoon for my language)
Imagine she didnt even ask of my name, which kind thing be this?
I ate my indomie in silence till my elder sister return with sister Aneeta, they took from the indomie and ate, they gist till 10 pm before my sister escort her away, she return and saw me sleeping in the big bed, she told me to standup and then she raise the bed up and took another one from under, (hmmm student life) i was quit surprise oh.
Me: so you get two bed for school?
Joy: i get one before i take over my roommate own after she leave.
Me: hmmm okay how tomorrow go be na?
Joy: i don see where you go learn the computer already, u go go register tomorrow morning remind me to describe the place for you early tomorrow.
Me: so fast but u never get work na where you come see money?
Joy: i first work three months for Abuja before i come benin.
Me: i think say you just finish school.
Joy: yes but na Abuja i first serve three months.
Me: okay thats great and u nor even tell us.
Joy: mama know na.
Me: really and she never bothered to tell me.
Joy: there is no need.
Me: there is oh, you know say you na my second mama.
Joy: sorry sir next you will be the first to know where ever am going, infact i will seek permission from you before going out with any guy self.
Me: hahaahah no guy go try am come here as i they here so.
Joy: oh well lets see, pray for us lets sleep am tired.
Me: okay ma.
I sing one song and then i pray short prayer and then the rest na history.
The next morning my sister left early to look for work after describing the computer centre for me, and my neighbours thats those girls living beside us have gone to school, nobody at home even landlord don go work and him children don go school, na only me remain for compound, by around eleven i stood up and fetch water to bath, i carry water come outside and enter bathroom and i must confess their bathroom is clean and neat, as i don baf finish na then remember say i nor carry towel, oh boy and i come go mumu wash my boxer join, since nobody they house make i quick run enter room like that, i open door of bathroom and as i come out from bathroom i use hand cover my dick even though nobody they, i reach my door mouth and as i they open our door, our landlady backyard door open and wuaahh, madam Sibi come out from inside house looking where she suppose no look..


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