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Monday, 5 February 2018



I later found out that the boy that is the imbecile is the last born of our landlord, from what I heard our landlord was trying to change the boy to girl because they don’t have any girl unfortunately they change him to imbecile, that’s hilarious isn’t it?
I enter house they gbera my next move, everywhere is hot and my sister is not yet back she better come back with something good oh else she will return back, I took my phone and stroll to
my sister shop (the woman from same place with me). I got there and we started gisting about home, she has two beautiful daughters with no boy her husband is a pastor, as were we gistsing one slim girl with good shape pass our front, I saw her and use style leave the woman,
I go after the lady and started trailing her, she look back and saw me following her then she fasten her footstep, I know nor whether she think say I wan kidnap her wey make her dey waka fast oh, no be only she sabi waka fast me na chairman for that parole infact I dey four years wey I start to they follow my mummy go rice farm that time my elder sister they put me for neck we they call am gegedi (I nor know whether I get the spelling) I fasten my footstep and within some minutes I caught her up,
Me: hello babe?
she no answer
Me: excuse me can I talk to you? (but am talking to her already) she no answer.
Me: helloooooooo
she just remain like deft and dumb and me too don dey vex as if I wan chop her no be say she fine oh just because of small hash wey she get. that didn’t stop me I continue following her at least I go know her house and return anytime, so I just bone like Mr bones and they follow her for yash like mama do good, when she saw that am not ready to return, she enter one hair salon and sit down and me base on say I nor wan give up I go front locate one barbing shop and sit down face front they look road like FRSC.
Barber: bros you wan barb?
Me: yes but I they wait for my padi.
I sit there waiting for her and yes I was right after three minutes I saw her coming, I just hide my face make she nor see me and after she don pass I stood up and continue following her, she look back
and she was surprise that am not ready to give up, so she wait and when I met her and said “hi”
Girl: what do you want?
Me: I just want to talk to you babee.
Girl: is it by force please go I don’t want to talk to u.
Me: I don’t have anywhere to go.
Girl: then stop following me.
Me: but we have freedom of movement..

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