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Monday, 5 February 2018



Girl: you must be a jobless idiot.
Me: I left my work just to talk to you so if am jobless
that will be your fault.
Girl: fuck you (she said and started going).
Me: oh yeah I will. she pause and turn back “what did you just say?”
Me: nothing.
she shake her head and continue going then she put her hand inside her bag and brought out her phone, she press something and put it on her ear
Girl: hello honey, how are you?
Girl: oh am cool am just coming back from work.
Girl: nah is just one idiot disturbing me.
Girl: nah you don’t have to come I will soon get home.
Girl: I love you very much.
Girl: oya catch am, muaaaaah.
if she like make she call her papa me I won’t turn back till I reach her house. I dont mind her calling her boo, I continue trailing her from behind even though she nor get yash like Lanicky I will manage it like that is if I can even dream of dating her. oh well my dream was cut short when I saw from our front my sister and Aneeta coming towards us no be person tell me to return back before I pick race and ran home like mad man, chai mission failed. I enter house and dive on the bed like person wey they sleep (sleeping mode) and within ten minutes somebody open door and walk in, the person gently tiptoed to were I was sleeping and pinch my hair on my leg, I screamed like someone
wey them chuck for back.
Me: Sister Joy.
Joy: how you go they sleep by this time eeh?
Me: I nor get anything to do na, good afternoon ma.
Joy: how ur waka?
Me: fine oh they gave me form to fill they say I should return it with the money tomorrow.
Joy: you won’t go tomorrow is on Monday u will start.
Me: okay ma, what about you how the job hunt?.
Joy: oh well we see one and they told us to start on monday.
Me: waoh that’s a splendid news we nor go celebrate? (I was really happy).
Joy: why not? get dress somebody is coming to take us out.
Me: are you serious?
Joy: do I look like am joking? (since I know my sister she’s not really the party type).
Me: yes because you nor dey go party.
Joy: not party sha my Friend wan just come take me out so I told him you will come along.
Me: I thought as much
I don’t need to take my bath again na I think am okay like this, I just arrange my hairs while my sis enter bathroom and spend 20 minutes there I guess she go shave becus there is no way she will spend
20 minutes in the bathroom na.
I came out of the room leaving her to arrange herself well as I stand outside I saw constance, my neighbor wey they our left she they wash plate, she has a small body with chocolate colour, she’s also a student of health though she just started while my sister already graduate, by 4pm my sister came out and oh men she was blazing like mercy Johnson.
Me: see as you fine.
Joy: thank you my dear. (she come dey make yanga for me)
Me: wey the person na wey they come carry us?
Joy: relax and just follow me.
Me: yes madam. we came outside our compound and behold I saw a nice Audi A4 standing
at our frontage with a guy on the frontdoor. when he saw her he came to hug her and compliment her beauty.
Me: good evening bros.
Bros: how are you?
Me: am fine sir.
Bros: okay let’s get in the car (see as him they form accent like america, he do look like one).
He took us to where I don’t know but the place is really cool and e go dey expensive too, ut has a big parking space with flowers everywhere, we enter inside and we locate a seat and sat down.
I was feeling uncomfortable sitting with them so I left them and locate another,
I order for Smirnoff and started drinking and I was busy looking at one white lady she look south African, she sat with two white guys drinking bear, she wore short red gown and her lips is inviting to kiss, I was looking at her as she discuss with her brothers then she turn and saw me starring at her
I quickly turn my face as if nothing happen then when I look there again I saw her legs widely opened with her red pant starring at me as she laugh out loud, omo immediately my Dickson rise
like rising soldier, she was opening her leg and covering it smiling (she so know what she is doing) she look my direction again but this time i didn’t turn my face, she smiled at me and wink then she got up and walk out ( or maybe she went to toilet). maybe I should follow her because the way she winks at me looks like she’s inviting me or so I thought.


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