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Tuesday, 6 February 2018



I look at where my sister sat down with her guy and saw her laughing out loud I guess she’s enjoying herself isn’t she? I look the white guys drinking beer and I must confess they look rough like Mafias or something like that. I got up from were I sat and follow the route the lady followed, I didn’t know
were I was going but I just continue going following my instinct I burst out from the back of the restaurant with one small building at the back of the restaurant having two doors and the first one i saw a post “male”
I look the second one and saw “female” no be person go tell me say na toilet be this na, I enter the male one and remove my trouser to ease myself, I finish and when I came out I was shock to see the girl waiting for me at the door, she just stand raising one of her leg against a wall exposing her thigh.
Me: hi
Girl: you were eyeing me
Me: me oh no you must be mistaken (my confidence don disappear).
Girl: hmmmm seems like you are shy, am Ria from Indian (I thought as much I think say na south Africa sha)
Me: oh that’s nice am Ozila from Nigeria.
Ria: oh that’s cool so what sup
Me: oh well you look gorgeous that’s why I was starring at you.
Ria: (she look me straight in the eye then she cat walk to me) you look handsome too, (she came closer oh men my mind don they breath fast).
Ria: don’t be afraid just come with me.
 she took my hands and walk back inside the female toilet and I mumu they follow her from back
like person wey they under charm. we enter the toilet and she lock the door then she push me against the wall and start touching my chest and then she move her right hand down my belt.
Me: what are you trying to do? (as if I nor know)
Ria: I heard black guys have big Dickson I want to confirm ( as she talk she rub her hand on my
Dickson through my trouser, but I nor black na).
she remove my trouser and also my boxer (na so I they look her I pray make she suck me self because I wan fucck white woman, then she bend down and when she saw my dick she smile and said “I was right after all” and before I know it she put it inside her mouth and start sucking it, she spit on it and suck it very well and na so me they count ceiling swallowing spit at interval, she suck me dry she was doing it fast and I can’t believe am the one been suck by a white woman, she will suck for some minute then she will stroke it (and as she they do am na so she open her leg wide making me to see her pant, she did it for sometime before she stand up and remove her pant leaving her gown.
Ria: let’s do it quick. she bend down and hold sink of the toilet.
Ria: what are you waiting for?
I quickly go to her and raise her gown up and na so I see beautiful pussi starring at me, what surprise me is that she has a ring on her pussi (how is that possible) I quickly put spit on her pussi and use hand to rub it very well making sure its wet, then I insert my dickson and start fuccking
her from behind like mad dog, she was damn tight like a virgin, I was enjoying it and also doing it fast.
Ria: faster. 
I increase my space and even remove my shirt (e dey bring sweat).
I took her up and move her to the door, she hold the handle of the door and I raise her left leg
up then I enter and start fucming her again, this time she started moaning slowly but when I increase
my space she cried out, I was force to stop make people no hear us oh, “continue please” she shouted, oh yeah I continue hitting her hard without comma nor full stop , I was hitting her back to back and naso she they cry out loud and behold she push me away and start bringing out something or wetin them they call am, the thing be like fluid. I hold her up again and enter her, I was doing it faster
and she was speaking language wey me nor understand, then again she release again, even the fluid push my dick commot from pussi self, the thing they come out like nuclear bomb, she released three times before me finally release, na so I sleep for ground they breath like Christmas goat,
Ria: you are so sweet dear.
Me: you too. then from outside I heard.
“mami” Ria quickly got up and arrange herself.
Ria: stay here oh.
Me: who is that?
Ria: my son.
Me: what the fuck.
she left me there and walk out while I remain there thinking how I manage to fuck an India woman.

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