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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The lady never look like a married woman to me, she’s young and even her pussi is damn tight like a virgin, I got up from the floor and arrange myself properly then I open door and went inside the restaurant, I went to were I sat before and relax there again, but something is missing oh were is my Sister?
I look were they sat down before I didn’t see her nor her guy, I stood up and went to ask another guy that sat close to them and he told me they have gone, I was like wtf, why will she leave me here and just leave like that? I don’t believe she’s gone let me go outside and look for her self.
I stood up and walk outside, the day don they dark small and everybody don they go house from work meaning heavy traffic go block us for road today, I came out and search everywhere I nor see any sign of my sister but I was little bit relax when I saw her guy’s car, I walk out of the compound and went out the gate and there I saw my sister and her guy buying suya meat, I calm down and walk back inside the restaurant but I really think I should be going home now because the outing is strictly for them and not me, beside no babe with me na at least I suppose come with bae na.
I was thinking out loud while walking back the restaurant and suddenly I saw a Toyota jeep coming out the compound, and when it get close to me the ruvers wine down and I saw her Ria, she smile and blink her eye for me while they drive out the compound and at the gate something fell out of the car so I rush to get it, I thought they mistakenly drop it but when I took it up and look at it, I saw that is just a card with her name number and company name strongly written on it.
oh well we will see to fuck another day I guess.
I went inside the restaurant and sat down and I order for a drink and peppersoup, since no babe to follow me enjoy make I they flez myself after all no be me go pay.
they later came back and sat down were they sat before and continue gisting I wonder wetin them they talk oh and me don tire I want go house, I stood up and left the restaurant I locate our car and enter inside to relax, I remain there till 8pm when they later came out and we leave the restaurant with many goodies, by nine we reach house because of traffic and I went to bed direct to sleep, but sleep no come as her friend Aneeta come and they started gisting, girls love to do amenor and am a living witness, I stood up from bed and ask aunt Aneeta.
Me: Big sis Cynthia they house?
Aneeta: yes she they house go meet her na because she go they vex na say na only she they.
Me: okay na Sister Joy I they come oh.
Joy: make una no do anything oh (anything like what exactly)
Aneeta: hahaha leave them joor them no be pikin.
I left them while they continue talking and that Aneeta even though she senior me that her breast no senior me oh and I must press am or else this story no go complete, she get big breast and good heart, I belive she senior me with seven or eight years, na her junior sister Cynthia go they the same age with me, I like Aneeta a lot she’s jovial and nice and she understand things a lot with little explanation, I wish I can have her as my girlfriend I will give testimony in church, oh well that’s something that can never happen but all the same she’s a girl with class, not just class but upper class and she’s a working class if I can be able to secure her heart maybe she will help me or support me when I enter school, oh well even though she won’t support I still want her as a normal girlfriend, but wetin I they think self person wey senior me with seven years plus come they enter my mind, oh well na so e they be sometimes and you won’t blame na or will you? even though e happen my sister will never support it and e fight bring fight self, so the best thing is to be on my lane and level, but who say my sister go know? the time wey she go know belle go don enter na, hahaha that will never happen but did it happen or not? oh well let’s continue reading.
I reach their house and saw that woman wey we come from the same town, I greet her with our dialect even though I nor too sabi at least I they try small small, she direct me to their room exactly and I went there and knock at their door.
Then I heard from inside
“come in the door is open”
I open the door and saw her reading a book. (she just tie rapper for her body with her sexy laps showing, but when she saw me she tie it very well)
Cynthia: what’s up Oz
Me: am fine oh how you they.
Cynthia: what a surprise how u know our room self.
Me: mummy favor direct me, how far wetin you they do wey you nor follow your sister visit us.
Cynthia: my dear I wan finish this novel joor, sit down na.
I sit down for the only chair wey they the room.
Me: wetin be the title?
Cynthia: The road to Memphis.
Me: oh I have read, it is about how the white were controlling the back race then.
Cynthia: yes you are right I just want to finish it today because tomorrow I will be really busy.
Me: busy doing what?
Cynthia: I got a Job.
Me: waoh that’s nice what type of Job?
Cynthia: selling food in a fast food restaurant.
Me: hmmmm that means you will be bringing food for us everyday be that na.
Cynthia: hahaha let me start first na make I see how e go be.
Me: so when will you take me out na.
Cynthia: are you going anywhere tomorrow?
Me: no I will start my training by monday.
Cynthia: good I will call you to come and meet me tomorrow then from there we will go outing.
Me: that’s good thanks.
Cynthia: thanking me for what hope you know you will be the one to pay?
Me: of course I will pay that one no be problem (I hope so, I wish I can see the future I for nor go)
we continue gisting till ten when her sister return and of course me I return house, today is a wonderful day and I hope tomorrow is better with me going out with Cynthia when am loving her Sister.

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