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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


The next day i was left alone at home doing nothing, i was bored like hell so i decided to stroll in the afternoon, i just took my phone and wear some nice clothes then i came out and lock our door. I come out from dumez and they waka go school that's school of health. I reach the school and see one place were them they photocopy, i enter there and sat down and then i order for fanta and start drinking, sometimes na so e they be if you nor get wetin you wan do for house you go turn to mad man for street, i relax there for more than twenty minutes doing nothing, I was still sitting there when i saw someone i know coming out of the school gate, i look her very well and i remember her sharply, her name is fidelis my sister’s friend, i qucikly got up and ran after her.
I met her on the way to her street, she bow down they waka like person wey they think which time she go marry. “hello good afternoon” she turn back and saw me coming with full force.
Fidelis: hey ozila right? sister Joy brother.
Me: yes Good afternoon.
Fidelis: waoh where are you going? (we started strolling along).
Me: nothing really i was bored at home so i decided to come here here, i was sitting down there (i point back to the computer centre).
Fidelis: oh how long have be there?
Me: fortyfive minutes plus.
Fidelis: ha you should have come inside na.
Me: oh well i don't know anybody there so i just decided to relax there.
Fidelis: okay so what are you up to?
Me: nothing is your house far from here?
Fidelis: not too far oh, you want to come along?
Me: yeah would love to.
Fidelis: eyaah am sorry our landlady don't allow guys, assuming you follow your sister to my house the other day would have be better.
Me: really so no guys is allowed in your house?
Fidelis: yes oh anyway i will soon leave there sha, that's where your sister too first live.
Me: oh then they wont have problem with me around na.
Fidelis: they wont assuming they know you as Sister Joy’s brother, don't worry go home i will come keep you company at home.
Me: really?
Fidelis: sure, just give go home and give me thirty minutes i will come.
Me: alright thanks, will see you later na.
I bade her bye and corner at my street i pass there enter house and relax for bed they wait for Fidelis, i wait till evening and no sign of her, the worst be say i didn't take her number. I slept and the ringtone of my phone brought me back from my dream.
Me: hello.
Cyn: how far, are you ready?
Me: yeah you don close?
Cyn: yeah, enter bus come sapele road.
Me: am on my way (at last)
I quickly stood up and rearrange myself i nor want make my sister meet me for house oh because i doubt she will let me leave by this time is already getting dark, i went out and board a bus to sapele road, i drop at the junction between G.R.A, the road that lead to sapele and Ikpokpan road at Kada
chicken, i took my phone and called her and she told me to enter taxi going to ikpokpan road, i went to the road and enter taxi she told me to stop at one restaurant like that and when i get there i called her and she told me to come inside the restaurant, the restaurant is big and everywhere is buzzy it seems like they are celebrating something because everywhere look nice and arrange like they just did marriage here, i went to the big black gate and the security man stop me and started asking questions like who invited me, i don't know what to say because i don't even know any area here or anyone but i just told him my girlfriend invited me, but he ask me to call the girl to come get me, i was a little bit angry though i know he is doing his Job and not his fault, i went back a little and wanted to place a call when i saw Cynthia coming from inside the restaurant putting on cooperate wear (short skirt and she look sexy) with white scarf on her head, seems like shes serving guest or so i thought, she talk to the security man and she called me to follow her, i met her as we enter the gigantic compound with cars park everywhere and start asking numerous questions.
Me: is this where you work?
Cyn: no we came here to serve.
Me: really this place looks amazing.
Cyn: you think so?
Me: yeah and you look cool in this cooperate wear.
Cyn: alright so i will give you a seat to sit down within fifteen to twenty minutes i will join you.
Me: okay ma.
She take me to one hut (a round table with two other girls sitting down already).
Cyn: hey girls, meet my friend Ozila. (the girls are damn hot with their long leg like tolotolo).
Me: hi girls.
Girls: good evening.
Girl1: am Efe.
Girl2: am Adesuwa.
Me: am Ozila nice meeting you girls.
Cyn: okay girls take care of him till i come back.
Girls: of course we will.
I was a little bit shy sitting in the midst of two beautiful girls and not knowing what to do nor what to say, i be get degree for womanology i think i should tell them the koko.
Me: so how are you girls doing.
Efe: we are fine hope you pocket is heavy because Cynthia told us you are a G-guy (like seriously).
Ade: yeah we gonna rock today.
Me: hahaha me G-guy? Oh well if you say so (make i form big boy na), and am glad to be here and am ready for you girls so far am rock because am already catching cold.
Efe: hahahahahaha if you catching cold then lets order for pepper soup
i think that will cure your cold (wetin this one they talk self she nor understand wetin i they yarn)..
Me: alright na no problem.
Adesuwa stood up and went out to order for something while i chat Efe up.
Me: so Efe were are you from?
Efe: i came from upper, am a student of uniben and you.
Me: thats nice i study in uniport i just came to visit my sister.
Efe: waoh you from portharcourt, whats your discipline (i don't understand that question).
Me: oh am humble, nice and i hate lies (didn't she say discipline).
Efe: i actually met your course in school.
Me: oh am studying science lab tech.
Efe: really, they do science lab tech in universities, or you met medical lab tech?
Me: oh yeah medical medical lab tech.
Oh well you wont blame me na i don't understand those things at that time. Ade return and before ten minutes Cynthia return too putting on leggies and singlet (oh men she looks damn hot).
Cyn: i can see you girls have already start the party.
Efe: oh men we nor they waste time oh. (Edo girls no they form they
can do and undo)
We kept on gisting, laughing and they continue ordering for more drinks, i seriously know that my money wont be enough to pay the bills, but who am i to complain after all am a G-guy, before i they look table i don see six plates of pepper soup for table with champagne, na so them they drink they laugh and me they reason how i go pay the bills, i think the best thing to do is to go and ease myself
and disappear but i must get laid na..

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