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Friday, 2 February 2018



Gori was lost in thought, Tiwa cuddled herself into his arm, all she was saying about handouts and the latest phone were all falling into Gori's deaf ears.
"Gori... Gori" she tapped him, he was startled."what's wrong with you? "She asked looking worried.
" I... I... I am sorry, baby."
"OmoG, what's going on? I've been talking to you since with no response... You don't want to get me the phone abi... Just forget it." She fell back and backed him. Gori watched her in silence, he could not afford to lose her.
"You won't say anything abi." Tiwa asked feigning anger.
"Tiwa, what do you want?" He knew Tiwa was stubborn and troublesome.
"BB torch and five thousand for my handouts." She demanded kissing him.
"I'll give you my ATM card tomorrow morning." He said as he stylishly withdrew himself from her grip, he was afraid of going intimate with her.
"Gori, one more thing!"
"Hey woman! I'm going to the living room." Tiwa was a talkative and she could force you to call a monkey a goat, he loved her that way but that was not the best for her wahala.
"Olami, let's go to school together tomorrow morning, tomorrow is Prof. Makun's test."
"I don't need to go."
"Okay fine." His phone beeped.
"Flashers are liable to die young, who was that?"
"Hope jealousy no go kill you!" He left the room, he met Dan and Kay in a comprising position.
"You guys should stop deceiving us and go into your room, bleeping pretenders." He cursed. They both left without a word, he took his phone and check the caller, alas! It was Amara, he quickly call her back remembering they had sex two weeks earlier at her birthday party.
"Amara love."
"You just bone my side."
"I'm sorry dear, where are you ?"
"I'm home o."
"When are you guys resuming ?"
"We don resume school o, na money dey delay me o"
"How much ?"
"It's four hundred k o, my school is one hundred and twenty-eight thousand naira, the rest for my handouts and others."
"That's pretty much." He said scratching his head.
"Can you help me with some."
"I'll send an address to you now, can you come tomorrow by noon?"
"Ehm... I don't have t-fare."
"I'll give you two hundred k, just come. I enjoyed what we had the last time, you know it was fast, I need you urgently."
"What if I don't call ?"
"I would have called you now."
"See you tomorrow then." She said and he disconnected. His mind was at peace, at least, his beauty queen was free.
"Who was that?" He heard tiwa's voice from behind.
"My younger sister, she's coming to town next week."
"Is it your sister you needed urgently?" She asked.
"Sheybi we are going to school tomorrow morning" her face lit up in happiness, she would flaunt her rich boyfriend to her crush and haters.
"Amara, what are you doing here." He asked as Amara stepped into his living room.
"To see you of course." She said throwing herself to him. He lifted her up immediately and took her into his room.
"I'm sorry about what happened the last time." Amara apologised, he simply nodded, he was impatient, he wanted to get down with her, as he unhook her bra, she left out a cry
"Aww... It hurts"
"What's that?" He was startled.
"My stomach! I felt a sharp pain." She complained.
"Sorry!" He said as he helped her with her trousers, as he took off her pant, he noticed maggots in her pants.
"Amara, what is this? He was alerted, Amara saw maggot and was startled.
" what have you done to me?"she was alarmed.
"I've not touched you." He pointed to her private parts, more maggots were dripping out.
"What is this?" Amara stood up, she was trembling.
"Amara, where are you coming from? Who did this to you?you've been used!".


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