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Friday, 2 February 2018



"This room makes sense o." Amara commended loosing her shoelaces.
"How have you been?" He asked.
"Preparing for school, hustling as usual." She replied undressing, in minutes, their clothes were flying and their moans filled the entire room.
"Do you know you are my first love?" She said suddenly, his lips twisted.
"Are you saying this because the sex was mindblowing?"
"I was crushing on you for close to ten years now, I wanted you to be my boyfriend or hopefully my husband but all you do was to play with other girls playing less attention to me." He was far better than Amara when they were young. Amara drunken father and popori mother paid less attention to her and her siblings, the father who was jobless would be in the paraga joint from morning till night while her mother would be at her restaurant and would bring home her 'customers' once in a while. Her father died when she was thirteen, her mother was left to train the six children. Before then, they were always in tattered clothes and their peer hated to play with them because of their dirtiness. Three month after Amara's father's death, her mother took her to help her in shop and that was how her journey into prostitution started.
"No one wanted to play with you then. You were... Were." He was choked.
"Can we still date? I will turn a new leaf." She asked with a teary eyes.
"Is it because I am now rich?"
"Not... Not that alone, I love you."
"My mind is not settled now, give me time to think about it, I will get back to you soon." Gori said discharging her stylishly, he knew sooner or later, she would be aware of her doom. He felt for her but nothing could be done.
Amara was dragging her foot, with tears in her eyes, Solo had dropped her at the school gate, therefore, leaving her to her fate.She could feel the maggot movement in her trousers, more tears dripped down her eyes.
she regretted ever allowing her failed mother to control her life. She had a dream, she longed for a future. She wanted to be a counselor, a child counselor. Her mother was at the verge of killing her the way he has killed her father. She entered her mother's shop with the police officers. Her mother rushed towards her immediately she saw her.
"Amara, wetin happen?" She asked looking so worried. Some of their neighbours were outside, some moved closer to them while some watched the drama from afar.
"This is the woman." She said to one of the officers.
"Wetin she do?" One of the onlookers asked the Policeman who was about to cuff her hands.
"Why are you arresting your mother, Amara?"
"Don't call her my mother, she is a failure! She is evil!" She shouted, everyone started moving closer to them.
"Amarachi, wetin I do you? No b this shop you for commot in d morning? Why you go carry police come dey disgrace me for store?
" You killed my father! You ruined his life! He was a banker! We were living large till when you started you're reckless life! Your juju made him what he was before his death! Because you wanted to control him, you made him what he was not!"They both bursted into tears.
"Amara, your father was keeping numerous mistresses." She cried the more.
"But you nko!what were you keeping? Now, you have ruined my life too.. You are going to rot in jail! I have called aunty Adato come and pick my siblings before you ruined theirs too."
"Why u dey embarrass me, Amara!"
"Because you are a failure!" She said pulling her trousers revealing the maggots. Some of the onlookers fled, the policeman and her mother stepped back.
"See what you've caused,NNE!" Amara bursted into more tears. Aunty Ada, Amara's father younger sister ran towards her covering her takedness with her own wrapper.
"Amara, who did this to you?" She asked amidst tears
"Aunty,please take care of my younger ones, make sure this selfish woman rot in jail, she ruined my life because of the Money she realises selling me off to me!" She felt pain in her stomach, she was weak, blood soaked both her jean and her Aunty's wrapper. Some onlookers were crying, some said it served her and her mother right while some had a sympathetic look.
"Amara, just hold on. Let me take you to a dibia down the road. You are going to be fine." Her sister said lifting her almost lifeless body, she smile had fainted.
"Aunty, no need! My life is wasted! Please save my siblings from this wicked woman, please." She said faintly, she closed her eyes patiently as she pictured herself as a counselor.
"Who did this to you, Amara?" Her mother asked amidst tears.
"Fat...her, for....give me." She stopped breathing, that was her end!.


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