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Saturday, 3 February 2018



Gori laid in bed surfing the internet when Tiwa's phone rang, it was the third time. The callers ID was familiar,who was thiswho had been calling Tiwa frequently?
"Tiwa, you have a call?" Tiwa rushed in from the bathroom, picked her phone and declined the call.
"Who was that?" Gori asked suspiciously.
"Just a friend."
"Why did you disconnect the call?"
"Are you jealous?" She asked applying some lotion, Gori stood up and picked her phone before she knew. He went through her call Log and message box, he saw series of messages and chats which made him dumbfounded.
"Who is Dozie?" He eyes were bloodshot.
"He is a friend." She said adjusting the towel she tied round her plumpy body.
"So na all guys dey sample you for this school, Tiwa."
"How do you mean?"
"Check this out?" He said showing her some of the messages on her phone .
"I... I ... I am sorry." She apologised.
"So some cheap guys are sending messages to you rheeough the phone I bought with my own money!oh my God!" He said scratching his head.
"You guys even have sex!"
"I'm sorry."
"What else do you need? Why is it difficult to satisfy a woman? I show you love... Oh my God! Is he better than me?"
"Ba-by, it was a mistake."
"How many times did you guys have sex?"
"Once baby... Please," shee said shedding tears.
"Tiwa, some other guy sampled you? Ki lo fe(what did you want)?" He felt ragez he was disgusted.
"I'm... Sorry"
"How did it happen?"
"It... It ..... It was a mistake. I'm sorry" she apologised.
"How did it happened?" He snapped.
"I... I ... I was raped." She defended.
"You were raped and you guys keep communicating? Tiwa, are you mad? What did you take me for? Now, for the last timez what happened." Tiwa was already on her kneels, she had never seen Gori that angry.
"It was a mistake... It was just once and it will never happen again I promise." She promised.
"Who is Dozie?" He asked boiling with rage.
"He ... He ... Is ... a Corper."
"So he promised you marriage abi..."
"I... I... Am sorry." She said looking down.
"So I b mugu abi... I dey buy you phone, clothes, weaves and some guys dey sample you abi. You don tear eye for this school abi?" He was disappointed, the only girl he loved was been player by someone else.
"Go... Ri"
"So me wey dey mugu person na in one babe dey mugu.... Tiwa, get out and let this be the last time I'm seeing you!"
"Gori, please!" She crawled to where he stoodand held his legs.
"What department is he?"
"No pee. Get out!" He said and left.
"Geeboy, no vex for your babe naw." Dan begged.
"Dan, abeg free DAT babe joo."
"Kay tell me say the babe no chop for hostel, say in just dey cry for room."
"Omo, chill out. Another babe go carry head enter."
"No b u talk say na u disvirgin her!"
"Na one guy go pluck flower naw."
"Abeg, forgive her."
"Dan, mobilise some guys, google that stupid Dozie wey think say na all babes e fit sample for this school."
"Okay o."


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