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Saturday, 3 February 2018



Tiwatope was sitted in Gori's sitting room, Dan had hinted her that he was around and had advised her to go when she came in with Kay. Kayode and Dan had gone into Dan's room, she had knocked on Gori's room tiredlesly with no response, so she retired into the living room waiting for him. Gori appeared thirty minutes later looking refreshed.
"Baby, do I deserve this?" She was close to tears, she had been a shadow of herself since Gori left her. She missed him so much. Even though Dozie was more romantic, Gori was her first love, she loved him.
"What are you doing here?" He frowned, a slim young lady walked in and kissed him, Tiwa felt shattered.
"Who is she?" Tiwa asked.
"Who are you too?" The lady asked too.
"You both belong to the runs girl's club now, you should know yourself." Gori responded.
"You mean I... I... I am a runs girl ?" Tiwa felt embarrassed.
"Someone who bleeps more than one man is what?" The other girl was chewing gum with her arms akimbo.
"Do... Do I deserve this? You deflowered me for crying out loud!"
"And so? You bleeped some ransom guys!" He fired.
"Guy" she corrected.
"G-boy, this babe is damn hot, can we have go for two sums?" She asked flirting on Tiwa's body.
"Bee, talk to her, she might wanna try that but not with me." He responded smiling.
"I love you... That is right! I want you back... Which is cool but I won't tolerate you embarrassing and humiliating me!" She said and left, Gori felt bad but Tiwa deserved being taught a lesson.
"Dan, are you through with the investigations?" He asked as he was browsing through his laptop.
"Oh yeah... The boys gave me some interesting feedback today." He gulped down a cup of 501.
"Let's hear it."
"His name is Chidozie Chukwuka, he is the last son of the registrar, Dr. Chukwuka. He graduated from Leadcity University, Ibadan with a second class lower but got to serve here through his father's connection. Tiwa is just one of his numerous girlfriends. He brainwashed them and sleeps with them. Then record the elicits and share with his father and friends." Dan paused, he knew Gori would be vexed hearing that so he paused to watch his reaction.
"Is Tiwa this stupid?" He knew he needed to act fast to save Tiwa's name. She is the daughter of a lecturer for Pete's sake but then Chukwuka rang a bell.
"You said d guy na Chukwuka pikin abi?" He asked in mixed pidgin.
"Yes." He stood up immediately and went to his room, he searched for the black diary and went trough page seventy six for the names of the members of the old occultic group then he saw Dr. Chukwuka's name, he was among the Greens. He needed to punish the boy and send him as a message to Amos Chukwuka, his father.
"Who killed this guy?" A girl who was standing among the spectators watching Dozie's lifeless body, flies and maggots were feasting on his decomposed body.
"Na corper o, see im khaki." Another said pointing to Dozie's blood-filled khaki.
"You no no d guy?" A guy asked,some nodded in affirmation while some did not." guy na Chukwu's pikin na." The other students started murmuring.
"Dozie! The guy that had been victimizing all the girls?"
"Yes o" the murmur started again. Few minutes later, the Vice Chancellor's official car pulled at the gathering, some students especially the ladies fled while some brave guys waited.
"What is going on here?" The VC asked adjusting his glasses, some of the students pointed towards Dozie's lifeless body, the VC eyes trailed to the lifeless body and the only thing that caught his attention was the small paper that was tagged on Dozie's crested vest with a bold inscription: Shadows of the Greens
Who knew about the Green and who is the Shadow?.


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