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Sunday, 4 February 2018



Gori opened the black diary, he needed to see the list of the members of the Green. He opened it and read through the list, there were seven in numbers but no one knew who the seventh person was.

Goriola Anikulapo - member
John Anifowose - member
James Chukwuka - member
Adigun Makun - vice
Yusuf Mohammed - member
Akin Badmus - member
? - Leader
He needed to find them and kill them all, including their children, he had sent messages through Bills d Don and Dozie and he needed to go round including the leader of the ocxultic group.
Daniel came in with a bottle of Andre, he sat in bed with Gori.
"How far guy." Gori greeted.
"I dey o." Daniel responded sipping directly from the bottle of Andre.
"Gori, you actually killed Ken. I confirmed it when you killed Dozie. What's going on? We're friends now, I don't know you were this powerful... Killing a guy by placing your hands on his chest?" Daniel said as he recalled their encounter with Dozie the previous day. They tracked him down to his CDS,and after he was through, Gori had called him to meet him OffK, he said he wanted to be his friend and wanted them to meet. Dozie jumped to the offer when the caller promised to give him three ladies.
He met with Gori and Daniel on the fateful evening, Gori bought them a drink and they were drinking and chatting, an hour into the meeting, Gori offered to take him to his home.
"Do you know this lady?" Gori asked flashing Tiwatope 's picture to his face.
"I sabi am naw. Na one of my babes joo but the girl na 'bolo', she dey find person to love am. Shey I resemble Romeo. I bin wan do chop and clean mouth but the girl just dey hold me. Na so I kuku dey play along in fact I don knack the girl pussy tire, d hole wey bin say e tight when I start... In don wide now o... I even get some videos, make I show you?" He was smiling and searching for the videos at the same town,Gori's eyes were bloodshot but he knew he had to keep calm in other not to fumble, Daniel was staring at Dozie who innocently was searching for the videos, he wanted to caution him but he remembered Gori never wanted him to see the drama to the end so he kept quiet.
"Don't worry, Dozie. Ehm, I heard you are the registrar's son.
" yes o, na me be the first son but I get one sister. Na my papa."
"Was he the one who taught you how to sleep with women." Dozie was kind of embarrassed.
"Geeboy, how do you mean?"he frowned.
"You see" Gori walked to him and patted his shoulder. "Let me tell you a short story, there are some seven good friend who are or were working in this school, I termed them the ambitious career seekers. These seven friends would rape,injure and kill young female students especially virgin in order to keep being in power. They had done lots on vices, broken lots of home and they had ruined a lot of lives, Now, as a patriot, if you have access to this people, what will you do to them?-he asked, Daniel and Dozie who had been listening with keen interest exchanged glances.
"Well, I will hand them over to the police." Dan said
"For me o, I go kill dem. I no send." Dozie responded.
"Well, your father is one of this seven friends and I am not ready to kill him or hand him over to the police." He smiled wickedly looking straight into Dozie's eyes. Dozie on the other hand was confused so was Daniel."I want to send a message to him through you."
"What... Wha... What is going on?" Dozie asked.
"I am sending you a message to your father, this message will also serve as revenging for what you did for my girlfriend,Tiwatope. You knew she was innocent yet you went ahead and defiled her!" He shouted then suddenly, he placed his hands on Dozie chest then pressed.
"Wha... Wha... What..are me me me." He was choking
"I'm revenging for using my girlfriend and Also sending a message to your father." He smiled, pressed his hand more on his heart. Dozie started feeling dizzy and drained. He remembered his mothers advice about bad influence. He closed his eye and gave up, it was the end.
"Gori, dot teach me how to eat fish, teach me to be a fisherman. I want to be powerful as well.-he pleaded..


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