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Sunday, 4 February 2018


Gori walked into the faculty lecture theatre searching for Dan, as he was searching round, he stumbled on Tiwa. She was sitted absentminded. She was alone on the long pew but her mind was far from where she sat. Gori knew he could not bypass her seeing her in such a condition, he saw Dan and Kay few metres away, they were cuddled into each others arms and he knew they knew no shame. Kay could not even sit with her friend. Most friends are not faithful, he found himself sat near his old and first love, Tiwa was lost in her thought, she had sprang up when he tapped her. He knew she was not expecting him to sit beside him because she stared so hard at him.
"Hi" he greeted.
"Hello." She mumbled, she had missed him, she had not been able to get off the fact that she loved him, a scene of the incidence that happened in Gori's house a week earlier played through her heart. Gori had paid her back in her own coin. He made love to another girl without minding she would be heartbroken. She could not blame him, she started it.
"You look sick, how have you been?"
"I've been fine." She hid her sadness from him.
"Tiwatope, you know I know you better." He smiled as he crossed his arms. The lecturer walked in and the lecture began, he noticed Tiwa was nervous and absent minded, shehad not jotted anything and thirty minutes into the lecture, she was staring into the space.
Gori scribbled "Meet me at home by six" in a small sheet of paper he saw on the floor and passed it to her.
"Why? " She had responded.
"I wanna meet you." he wrote again but Tiwa refused to reply. She left the lecture theatre before anyone else.
"Wassup guy." He shook hands with Dan, hugged Kay lightly.
"I dey. Dis one wey u Sidon wit ur wife." Dan said smiling.
"I'm sure you guys ain't planning to reunite." Kay smiled, Gori looked into Kay's eyes and saw jealousy, he knew Kay never wanted them back.
"Kay, bring her to my house by six." His eyes were pleading.
"She is grownup, man." She replied sarcastically.
"With Tiwa or no visit!" With this he walked away.
He had been trying to send her a message on WhatsApp with no response. He went overboard by blocking her on WhatsApp when she was bombarding him with messages on WhatsApp. He had unblocked her and sent her a message but she did not respond even though she was reading them. He called her a few times but she either ignored his calls or disconnect them. He called Kay too but she claimed she could not drag her.
"You better get her here or I personally come to embarrass her in you guys hostel." He threatened Kay as they spoke on phone.
"Licking ass, you do just that!" She blasted.
"Kay, please do this for me." He retired, he knew she was strongheaded.
"On one condition!"
"What condition!"
"You get me the new android phone." She bargained.
"Why do you have a boyfriend?" He blasted.
"Why did you jilted your girlfriend?" She blasted, there was silence, he knew she won! "Sheybi you were forming super man before ni! We all were begging you but you turned deaf ears... Now it is your turn...."
"Drag your dried ass here with her by six or no phone." He cut in and disconnected the call. He sighed, he could not put up to Kay's dramas.
It was some minutes to seven, no Kay, no Tope. He had been glancing and checking both the wall clock and his wristwatch, he had tried Kay's number which was either busy or unreachable. The two walked in few minutes later, Kay was in front and Tiwa stood behind her. She was wearing her favourite nightie and he wondered what had transpired between Kay and her before she agreed to follow her.
"Why are you staring at me like that!" Kay said with her feet wide apart and her arms crossed. Gori scoffled, he was not staring at her but at Tiwa who stood like a stranger. "You are going to pay me for this o! You know all this Ekiti babes and stubbornness. I had to half dragged,half pet her down here. As you can see, she was set to sleep." She complained. Gori stood up, took Tiwa by hand and dragged her to his room.
"Are you going to stand there or apologise? Gori asked, he did a great job dragging her into his room,had to lock the door and kept the keys. Tiwa was standing by the door while Gori was sited.
" for?"
"For cheating on me?"
"Oh, am I the only one who cheated? You did too. You did it to my face!" She blasted.
"You pushed me!"
"How about Tiffah, I heard you were strafing her too?"
"That is a lie."
"You killed him, don't you?" She asked suddenly.
"Yes, I did. I did that for my love. How could a useless man do such to me! " he admitted though not expected. He moved closer to her. "Tiwa,I love you. I am sorry things went sour between us. I felt disgusted sharing you with some other guys." He watched while she sobbed.
"Why did you kill him?" She asked softly
"For you and for the greens." He muttered softly and looked away.
"Do you love him so much? What led you to cheating at the first place."
"I shouldn't be telling you this but.." Gori led her to the bed and they both sat down with their hands interlocked.
"Kay told me you were strafing Tiffah and some babes."
"Who told Kay.?"
"Tiffah,they are very close. I never knew Kay is Prof Badmus daughter and you know tiffah and late Bills are friends, Bills was Senator Anifowose's son and both Prof. Badmus and Senator Anifowose are close friends. She told me you killed Ken and Bills too."
"Did you believe her?"
"...partially until I saw Dozie's lifeless body." She sobbed louder, Gori hugged her firmly.
"I am sorry baby." She begged, she hugged him tight.
"While did you date Dozie?"
"Kay said it was best if I learn to live without you that your days are numbered." She paused and looked into his face."will they kill you? What is going on, Olami."he missed her so much especially the way Olami sounded while pronuncing it.
"Why don't you tell me all this , Tope."
"I am sorry, dear. I was blinded. It was later that I knew Dozie had bribed her to talk to me on his behalf. I am sorry honey." She apologised as she cuddled herself in his arms. Friends can be dangerous, he never liked Kayode from the onset. He labelled her his next target since she was one of the Green member's children but someone was in his way, DAN. He had took him to Oluwo few days ago and had been initiated.
"I love you, my chubby princess." He admitted.
"I love you too my clumsy prince." She grinned. She felt ease in her heart,but there are a lot of question she wanted Gori to provided answers to.
"As from now on, you are always going to be around me, no room for third parties and whatever anyone says, tell me first, is that clear." He asked.
"Yes, my love." She responded and their lips were locked, minutes later, their clothes were flying around in the dark.It was a Reunion Lovemaking..

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