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Monday, 5 February 2018



Since their reunion, Gori had refused to give Tiwa a breathing space, he had a copy of her timetable, they were practically a leave-in couple. Tiwa's mother, Mrs. Eyitope had summoned her to her office one hot afternoon.
"Tope, are you seeing a guy?" Miss. Eyiwunmi asked immediately Tiwa took her seat. She was her mothers replica, from beauty to plumpy stature.
"Mum, is this why you called me? She questioned staring at her mother.
" Will you answer my question, young lady!" Her mother snapped.
"Yes, I have a boyfriend." She said hiding her face. She knew her mother, the great Margret Thatcher.
"At your age? Just hear yourself!"
"Mum, I'm above eighteen." She said in a whisper.
"Ki lo so?" Miss Eyiwunmi asked, Tiwa squeezed her beautiful face .
"So because you are above eighteen, you can sleep with everyone?"
"Sleep with everyone ke?" She was shocked, she knew her mother perfectly well. The thirty-nine year old woman could exaggerate things too well. She frowned, her mother was making her look like some cheap slut.
"You want to tell me you are a virgin?" Her mother searched through her face probably seeking for the answer.
"Mum, why am I here?" She asked. "See, I've EDU 234 o... Its Prof Makun's course o."
"Gori called me and asked me to warn you about the guy you are seeing." Tiwa was confused, she knew Gori was always avoiding her mother, how could he call her to report her? She thought they had settled their difference.
"You don't know Gori?" Miss Eyiwunmi gave her an askance look.
"I ...know..."
"The VC!" Her mum cut in. She was relieved, she thought it was her Gori.
"Mum, what is your relationship with that man again?" She gave her a suspicious look squeezing her lips to the same side.
"He is the VC now, he came here personally to warn me. He said the guy is a cultist. I heard he killed Ken, Bileri and Dozie. I hope it is not true sha." Her mother said.
"Don't mind anyone mum, my boyfriend is caring and he cannot hurt a fly." She defended.
"Is he taking care of you?" Miss Eyiwunmi asked.
"Mum, don't you see me." She stood up and did a three sixty turn for her mother. "See my skin, see my weave. See my phone now."
"Omo, you don hit jackpot o."
"How are your alhajis." Tiwatope spilled her mother's most dreaded question.
"Tiwa, I told you I'm a changed person. I want to lay a good example for you." She stared into her only child's eyes, she knew she had failed as a mother.
"Mum, take care." Tiwa stood up.
"When will you come home?"
"You always want me far from you." Tiwa replied as she stopped in her track. She reminisced on how her mother had sent her to the boarding house right from her primary school till now. It gave her enough room for all her escapades. Her mother was speechless.
"Bye." She said and walked away.
"Where are you coming from." Gori questioned immediately she stepped into the room.
"Mum called to see her." She said dropping off her blazer.
"Ugh... What for? Omo mummy." He asked with arms akimbo.
"She said the VC told her to warn me to stop me from seeing you. Seriously, I'm getting worried."
"The VC! See this yeye man!" He smiled wearing his trousers.
"Where are you going to?"
"To see the VC."
"Why? Is it because of what I said? Please, don't put my mum into trouble." She pleaded. Gori chuckled, he undressed immediately and walked to her.
"Are you leaving me?"
"Why? Not even my mum can stop me. I'm not leaving you." She blew him a kiss.
The following morning.
Daniel and Gori were in the living room playing PS, Dan was beating Gori who was seriously vexed, Tiwa and Kay had gone to school.
"Abeg, I no play again." He said as he dropped the pad.
"You no say I b boss na." Dan replied mockingly. Gori filled a glass cup with McDowell's. He gulped little and placed the cup on the stool.
"Dan, how far with Kay.?" He asked.
"She dey now. She just dey disturb me. She bin wan dey crash for here like Tiwa o." He complained.
"Shey you like the babe reach DAT level ni?" He asked ignoring his complain.
"Omo, I don dey love her o. D babe love me gidi o, as I dey so, I fit marry her sef."
"Ugh... I no even like that babe."
"Nothing o."
"You better like her. You know say I like your babe, n moreso, na your babe's friend."
"OK o."
"How far about the Green."
"I've started with their children now. I mean their favourite kids. Two gone, five more!"
"Tuale!" He gestured raising his two hands.
"I'm still in the dark.... I want to know their leader.."
"Ask Oluwo now."
"The man sef dey do anyhow. Power must to change hands." They laughed as they drank.
********* ************* ************ **********
Later in the Night.
Gori was cladded in a white shirt and black pants, he knocked on the VC's door but opened before the old man could say a word.
"What are you doing here by this time?" The old man asked trying to zip up his trousers, the woman he was having a romp with was adjusting her blouse too. It was such an embarrassing scene.
"I think it is high time I changed this secretary." The VC complained.
"Why are you always like this? You're always having sex even at your age. Don't you get tired at all?."
"Why are you here?" The VC asked as he headed towards his seat. Gori was already staring at the VC's mistress, he never mind doing a married woman after all. The woman was plump and got a nice behind. He knew her face would be as beautiful as her behind.
"Can I have her?" He said loosening his belt.
"Gori, she is not a young lady o."
" Do I care? I wanna feel that behind! "He said as he spank the woman's behind.
" she's a ... A... Staff! A security staff."the woman who had her back against them was already shivering..
"So old man, you don dey do staff again! You no dey get shame!" He asked. "Look here, young woman."


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