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Monday, 5 February 2018



"Gori, Kay is pregnant o... This babe wan tie me down with this pregnancy." Dan complained as he was pacing up and down the spacious living room.
"And you don't want the pregnancy?"
"Not... Now.... Not really. I know say Badmus no go accept me... You know say the mam sabi me well well."
"Don't worry, I will see to it."
"How you go do am."
"Gori, please come o... I am I'm the school clinic... Come along with Dan o..."Tiwa said sobbing from the other end.
"Calm down, angel. Wetin happen." Gori asked in pretence, he knew what happened.
"Just come....." The line went dead.
Few minutes later, Gori and Dan were at the school clinic.
"I don't understand Kayode again o..." Tiwa rushed to them immediately she saw them.
"What happen?" Dan asked worriedly, Gori was suspiciously calm.
"I don't know. She went out to see someone and came back bleeding." She explained.
"Hope it is not that Kay went ahead and aborted my baby
." Dan frowned.
"Is she pregnant?" Tiwa gave him an askance look. Immediately Kay's phone rang, it was her mother. "Her mum is calling her o..." Tiwa stretched the phone towards Dan, she was confused.
"Hello ma... We rushed her to the school clinic... Yes I am with her...." He ended the call.
"Who is Dan?" The chief nurse asked immediately he came out of the ward.
"I am, MA." Dan signified.
"She had been shouting your name since, you need to see her now but please don't disturb her. She just loose her pregnancy so please don't stress her." She said and left.
Tiwa and Dan rushed into the ward while Gori calmly stilled behind them, he knew what was going to happen.
"Kay...." Tiwa and Dan chorusly as they rushed to her bed, she look lean and darker, she looked as if she had been sick for ages. She wanted to rise up, tiwa assisted her and immediately she saw Gori face, she screamed.... Flashes of what transpired between them few hours ago came through her mind. Gori had called her to meet him at Rolek hotels far away from the school environs for her phone without anyone's notice. He had promised her the latest android phone and three hundred thousand naira if she could make it down. She had ran into the offer, she had always wanted to have a fling with Gori in order to taste his money and body. Tiwa had always been praising his efforts in bed and she had been longing to have such pleasure. When she arrived at his booked room, they had series of sex which after Gori handed her a cheque of three hundred thousand naira. Gori told her her father belonged to the Greens and had wastes a lot of lives and he was thinking if he should do the same. He had told her to watch her back as her death was near. He left her in the hotel leaving her confused... She did not know what was happening... She checked the cheque she was holding and the name of the account was Shadow of the Greens . She left the hotel and it was when she alighted that a girl told her she was bleeding. Did Gori used her?
Her parents arrived few minutes later, She could not talk again, she had lost her voice.
"Oko mi, what happened?" Kay's mother asked Dan.
"Mum, I don't understand. Tiwa called earlier that she was bleeding and when we got here, the chief burse told us she had loose the pregnancy. She said she needs to be transfered to the State Hospital."
"Which pregnancy?" Prof.Badmus asked, Kay's mother was aware of their relationship while her disciplinarian as her father was in the dark.
"Dad Ayo, we can settle that later. Let us tale her to the church."
"Why? She needed Medical attentions." The father frowned.
"Can't you see my daughter can not say a word anymore? Please, I need to get her to our mountain right now." She moved closer to her,Gori look worried, he needed to finish his mission before she was taken for deliverance, just a roted squeezing of his face, Kay gasp and died.
"Daddy Ayo, it's like she is no longer breathing o." The mother stepped back a little, she could not believe her only child was gone. She fell on the floor almost immediately, her world was shattered, how could Kay died. She had accepted her pregnancy because she knew her child would gibe her more joy... But now, she had loose two children...
"Gori, hope it is not what I am thinking...?" Dan fumed as they were out of the ward.
"The cheque was your handwriting, and me and you know you're the Shadows of the Green." He fired .
"She was one of my target." He responded looking away.
" You know she was carrying my child."
"You said you don't need it so I hastened my plot in order to help you get rid of them both."
"How will you feel if I am the one who did that... Killing both Tiwa and her unborn child."
"She is not a member of the Green." He responded and walked away. Three children down, four more to go.
Dan knew Gori had bitten more than he could chew, he deserved death.... He would do everything to bring him down. He would reveal their secret to the Green and together, Goriola would be a past tense. He gave him a scornful look as he disappeared into the numerous students around and walked away...

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