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Tuesday, 6 February 2018



"Baba, I will give to any amount.... Just tell me, I know he is a strong man who cannot be killed easily but I want to." Oluwo smiled, he knew what he was asking for was beyond possibility.
"Olabode, do you think Goriola is someone you can pull down?" He cracked, he hated religious name either Islam or Christianity, he would rather addressed him as Olabode.
"Baba, he killed my woman! Presently, all my life savings is close to two million. I don't mind giving it all to bring him down." He begged.
"Bo-de, this is a man who brought you here! Under no circumstances should you pay evil for evil." He advised.
"Baba, have you forgotten he is, I mean was my best friend? He betrayed me. An eye for an eye now!"
"So what do you want me to do?"
"I want him dead! I want you to help me. I could do anything for that!"
"Bode, not even me can kill Gori." Daniel looked into his old weary eyes, he knew his expression looked truthful but how could Gori be powerful than the powerful nan who initiated him?.
"Baba, you initiated him!"
"I know! I initiated you too but do you know I can kill you right now?"
"How? You requested for the same sacrifice from us, you told me we possessed the same power." He fumed, anger burned through his face.
"Olabode, there is something you and Gori does not know." He adjusted in his seat. "I can't kill Gori."
"Baba, Ken terrorized the school more than Gori. Yet you helped Gori out!" He fired as he stood up, his back turned against Oluwo.
"Bode, should I tell you the truth?" He coughed, Dan kept mute, he was burning in anger.
"I never initiated Gori. I know I had fooled him or you. I initiated you, I initiated Ken too. It was during the initiation that I discovered Gori was a powerful demon on his own. He had a mission and that is what he is doing right now. Gori can not go down. He is a product of two demonic powers. He is a product of evil and good." He explained, Dan was dumbfounded, he could not believe Oluwo. He guessed he chose Gori over him.
"That is a lie. No one knew Gori before he met you."
"Bode, I and Ken were just mere coincidence, I want his downfall too." Oluwo said even though he knew he should not have said so.
"He is killing a lot of future leaders already." Oluwo was sober, his weary eyelid were buried. "I have children too." He looked sympathetic.
"Baba, I know you are a powerful man, let us device a plan... "Daniel said as he brought a chair closer to him.
" I have consulted the seven witches and wizards on the mountain"he paused and searched through Dan's Curious eyes....
"What was the result?" Dan shifted unconformtably in his seat.
"Two people can kill Gori."
"Who and who?" He questioned curiously.
"I told you he is the product of the good and evil... The good can never kill him so only the evil can do..."
"Who is that?" He cut in impatiently.
"His father and his son." Oluwo said in a whisper. They stared into each others face.
"Gori does not have a child yet."
"Then his father or you wait till his son his seven years."
"I can't! Seven years will be a waste... A lot of people will die before then." He was quiet. What could make a father kill his son?.


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