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Tuesday, 6 February 2018



"Dan, where are you coming from?" Gori questioned as Dan came into his view.
"Why are you asking?" He gave him scornful look.
"You can't run away from your shadow, Dan" he said without raising his head up.
"What do you mean?" He looked disgusted.
"You have been acting up since the death of your babe, Dan. You hardly talk to me and you've been doing your things your way. You and I know the death of Kay was to help you. I don't want you to get into her Father's trouble."
"What trouble? Impregnating his only daughter is better than killing her."
"Only daughter you say." Gori scoffed.
"Gori, I hate you." He said while walking away.
"I am sorry, Dan." He stopped on his track as he heard him begged, Gori was not the type that could beg. He could not believed his ears, how could a powerful man like Gori begged. Gori's phone rang.
"Hello Daddy... You want me home... Which land... The one along ona oko?... What is wrong with the house you are staying in currently?... OK, write the estimation of the total amount of money that will finish the project in three weeks, I will come and see you next week... Regards to mum and everyone." He said and disconnected the call, he looked up and saw Dan still watching him. He was absent minded, he knew he had wronged him but he needed to get over it, there are millions of ladies out there who would calmly and gladly fall for him.
Dan on the other way remembered Oluwo's statement. From the little he knew, Gori's father loved money and he knew he needed to act fast.
"You can't run from your shadow." He thought he heard the statement before he left the living room.
Kili beer parlour was a big one in the area, it was nicknamed "Mo sa fun e to" (hidden enough) could it was located in a bush at the outskirt of the town. Men who loved lowkey life and who wanted to enjoy with their mistresses converged there every evening.
Baba Foluso shifted uncomfortably in his seat, the agreed to meet by four and it was few minutes past five. He had waited curiously for the mamen who wanted to meet with him and give him business. Two men walked in or rather a man and a young guy, those faces were not that familiar to him but on a closer look, the Guy's face looked like that of Gori's friend who they came to visit home not quite long time ago. They exchanged greetings and sat down, the ordered for some beers and pepper soup.
"I am Akin and here is Daniel, my- my- a student, my friend and I guess you are Gori's father." He swallowed hard.
"You are my son's friend." Baba Foluso directed his question to Dan.
"Yes sir."
"What can I do for you? How's Gori? We spoke yesterday." He asked worriedly.
"Gori is fine. We are here to see you as you can see."
"How many children do you have?" Akin diverted almost immediately.
"Four... No five." He blabbed, "this one is such a dullard", Akin cursed on his breathe.
"Gori is the first?" He nodded in affirmation.
"Do you know the kind of work your son does?" Akin asked.
"He is a student."
"Where is he getting Money he is giving you and his mother?" Akin queried, Baba Foluso kept quite, he knew Gori was an internet fraudster, but he was not ready to spill it out because of his religious mother . If he did, where woukd he get money to finish his house project.
"I guess he is into some businesses." He said, Akin and Dan exchanged glances.
"Well, he is an hired assassin, he had been terrorising everyone both students and lecturers. He killed my girlfriend and this Man's daughter." Dan expressed bitterly. Deep down, he knew he was not better a bit. He had been killing some people silently for the politicians without the knowledge of anyone. Yahoo no pay! Gori's father on the other way knew Gori was capable of anything, he knew about the death of Amara. He knew she died in the ends of his son.
"How could Gori do this? Is he planning on destroying my family's reputation?" He complained as he gulped down a mouthful of Goldberg. They exchanged glances again... It is the best time to strike.
"That is why we are here..." They chorused, Baba Foluso could not understand them.
"Yeah, he is bringing shame to your family and to us his friends. We want you to help us, you see, this business we brought for you, some top politicians and professors are involved, even an ex-senator. " baba Foluso's eyes widened, money was the root of all evil.
"There is money involve o. Big Money. They will build your own palace for you, send your other children to the university abroad and so on."
"What is the project?" He asked quickly.
"You have to kill Goriola Fatoyinbo, your son." Dan dropped the bomb, Akin gave him a scornful look. It was too close, he wanted then to brainwash him more before dropping the bombshell. Baba Foluso was not expecting that, how could he kill his son because of money?!.
"You see Daddy Gori, Gori have been making lots of money but yet, he failed to take care of any of his families. Aside the houses and scholarship, twenty five million naira awaits you." Baba Foluso stood up, he could no longer take it anymore. All the money and gifts sounded so unreal. He rushed out of the beer parlour..

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