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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


"Baba Foluso,where are you seeing all this money you're spending? You're a contract driver for Christ sake!" Mama Gori asked as she retied her wrapper.
"Mama Foluso, how many times will I warn you to stop trying wrapper across your chest in this house? Are you an old woman?" He complained.
"Daddy wa, you can see there is heat and I can't bear the heat now. I told you to buy a fan."
"Don't worry, Mama Folu, I will take you to our new house tomorrow. there are lots of fans there." He boasted.
"You started barely three weeks ago." She was surprised.
"Sheybi I told you those times you were complaining I don't spend money. I told you money is coming. All these money is my life savings. I have bee keeping them since I married you." He boasted, Mama Gori was confused, she could never be convinced easily. Arguing with Baba Foluso was not the right thing, she knew him. She just kept quiet and prayed he had not gotten himself into some mess.
"God will kuku save you." She muttered softly and left.
"Daddy, this people really tried o. I personally like these plastering... Who did the POP? ...I love the colour of this tiles.Oh my God, they have fixed the water basin... The plumber tried o...." He was commenting as he and his father were surveying. Baba Gori was so nervous, he had mixed feeling and was about changing his mind.
"Gori." Baba Foluso called suddenly, they were already at the back of the building.
"Daddy, why haven't they plastered the fence?" Gori asked as he paused.
"Gori, I've something to tell you." Baba Foluso said ignoring his questions.
"What?" Gori listened keenly.
"Let me get something from my car." Baba Foluso said and left, he appeared few minutes later with two bottles of chilled goldberg. He opened one and handed it over to Gori, opened his' and gulped little almost immediately.
"You said you wanna tell me something." Gori asked holding up to his drink.
"Take a shot first." Baba Foluso replied. Gori gulped down his drink and smiled. His father was more nervous at his action, Gori saw a bench at the far end and went to sit, he beckoned to his father who joined him.
"Daddy, why did you do this? How much were you paid? I gave to thirteen million just three weeks ago. So you wanted to kill me all for money!" Gori said calmly, his eyes were bloodshot, his father was already fidgeting.
"Even if my friend betrayed me, how about you, Daddy! I knew you would want to fall victim of the Green that was why I gave you that money. Are you these greedy?
Baba Gori felt disappointed, he had disgraced himself. He remembered how Salisu, his friend had warned him when he told him about his plans. Salisu was a renowned haberlist in the town, he was so powerful and wicked. When he told him his plans, he had told him to let Gori be, he is untouchabe. He refused to listen and went ahead and took his father's charm account book. He climbed seven mountains in seven towns in Ekiti, the neighboring state, he brought seven white cocks and seven dried rat , palmoil, pap and lots of herbs. He made a sacrifice to Laalu Ogi oko and Sango before mixing the ready-made poison with Gori's golderberg. How could had his charm failed. His father was a powerful haberlist and was dreaded by people, how could his charm fail?
"Who is my father?" Gori asked. The question caught Baba Foluso unaware that he loose balance.
"I repeat, where is my father?"

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