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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


"Gori, I don't know your father o...." He said as he wiped off his sweat with his hands, he was not the type that sweat, seeing himself sweat was a bad omen and he knew it.
"I am asking this for the last time, who is my father?"
"Ehm.... Gori, calm down... Let me explain everything to you." He begged.
"I'm listening."
"My father rescued your mother right on this land. He came to pick some herbs when he saw her on the floor half dead. She was bloodstained, my father rescued her and took her to his house. She refused telling anybody who impregnated her, my father said her brain had been wiped off. It was few weeks later that he discovered she was pregnant... Gori, I only married your mum when I impregnated her.. That was when she gave birth to Foluso..." He confessed.Gori had always had the thought that the man was not his father, while growing up, the man would pamper Foluso and his siblings while he was left to suffer. His mother was the one who would buy him Christmas dress or else he would wear the old ones. The man had refused to be addressed as Baba Gori, Gori felt disgusted. No father in his right senses would get his son sold out. His sight irritated him, he bagan making some incantions and before Baba Foluso could blink, he was already on the floor. Baba Foluso made some inxantions, invoked some spirit all to no Vail, Gori was already on his feat.
"You are going to die for two reasons.... One, for being an ingrate... You sold me out abi... Mr. Judas. Secondly, for treating me bad as a kid, do you know the best you ever offered? Giving your poor Nokia while going to school even though Foluso was using a bigger phone by then. Greet your father for me and help me arrange seven good rooms for the Green in hell..." With this, he left, Baba Foluso could not talk anymore, his tongue was tied. Tears fell down his cheeks, he had wronged Gori, a quick glance at his beautiful house inwhich his greed could not allow him live in, he breathed his last.
"They have succeed ! They killed him! They killed my husband because he had succeeded in building a house non of their family members cannot afford!" Mama Gori was shouting on top of her voice. She was shattered, her love was gone.Even though, he was a drunkard and chained smoker,she loved her. She was wearing a black iro and buba. Their little living room was filled to the brim. Baba Foluso was a popular man, all their neighbours were around as two of their were consoling the bereaved wife. His friends from all agbo joints were present too,some were murmuring, some were crying while some were quiet.
"Iya Gori, stop that! How can we kill our own blood." An elderly woman sitting amidst Baba Foluso's member spoke.
"You were never in support of the land given to him.... You are all wicked. I will make sure the Baale is aware .. You can't kill my husband and go scotfree!!! You ingrates!" She barked. Gori walked in, he looked so sad, he greeted his siblings and walked to his mother.
"Hold it there... You stranger! Who are you to talk to us anyhow!!! Omo àtòhúnrìnwá jatijati! Who killed your wretched husband? Where will an ologogoro man get such money to build such house in less than a month!" Moriamo, the youngest of them all fired, she had a sharp tongue and all members of the community dreaded her.
"Do I talk to you? Moreso, whenever a woman is married, she now belongs to her husband house but you... No o! You are always here and there... That is why at forty, you have five children with an husband... Ashewo!! !" Mama Gori fired back.
"You guys should better stop this nonsense... And you! You are still mourning your husband,while are you addressing your mother-in-law like that!" Olori ebi cautioned
"Sister-in-law." She corrected eyeing Moriamo.
"Mama Gori, calm down now."Mama Solo begged.
"Mama Gori,don't you have respect for the dead." Every where was quiet.
"Mummy, pack your things and by tomorrow, I'll drive you down to the new house." Gori broke the silence.
"Who ask you to talk?" Moriamo blasted.
"....and that house, you can't pack in like that! It belongs to Us all." Olori ebi added.
"Well, they are married which makes it clears that the house belongs to my mother. Moreso, my mother's name was on all the documents and if any of you have any problem with that... Let us meet at the court..." Gori said, it was his money and it belonged to his mother. He had changed all the document and receipt through his diabolical means.
"Gori, you are too young for this..." Olori sbi warned.
"Even when I am older than YOU!" Gori fired, everywhere was quiet. How could Gori be older than everyone..

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