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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


"Mum, what is it this time?" Tiwatope nagged as she took a seat in front of her mother's gigantic table.
"It's been long I saw you, Tiwa. Is it a crime to see my daughter when we are both inside the four walls of this school?" She looked depressed, she knew Tiwa hated her or thereabout. She was always scolding and nagging anytime they were together. They way she looked at her with disgust was not helping the matter yet.she was her only child, her first and last fruit, she had twelve abortions before Tiwa was born, her birth was by mistake. She never knew she was pregnant till she was almost due for delivery. She had wanted to kill her right from birth but the girl seemed a hard but to crack. Two abortions after her birth, she could no longer had a child, her ovaries were damaged. She made sure she never lacked a thing, but here she was, she was like her daughter's worst nightmare.
"Mum... "Tiwa tapped, she felt guilty, she had nagged on her mother which she.knew was worst. She deserved something worse but no... This woman tried. " Why did you call to see me..."she said in a rather too cool tone.
"You refused to come for the mid-semester break, home is just a fifteen minutes drive from here." She complained, she was lonely, her only child was far from her.
"Mum, I have a lot of things to attend too here in school." She defended.
"Is it him? Is it Gori? Is he taking my place? I-am-lonely." She bowed her head as tears whelmed up in her eyes, she felt jealousy.
"Mum, you mean you are lonely? For how many.years now? Just two! I was lonely for eighteen years... This same Gori took me out of boredom... He gave me the attention I deserved!" She barked. There was silence.... Both heads bowed.
"Did you remember? Those times you will lock me indoors and leave for three days, weeks? Those visiting days and open days you were absent? You gave you old Rodgers all the attention I needed too... I knew no parental love while growing up... Those humiliation I suffered from friends and neighbours while you were busy making your cash! Did you know why I hate your sister so much... Those times I would go to her place and she would be calling me bastard! Daughter of a bitch... Daughter of a call girl and stuffs... Was it her fault?" Tears were dropping freely from her eyes. "... Those times you bring those ugly looking old bleeping men home and moaned like a chimpanzee all in the name of a pleasure right in my presence? See!" She rose and picked her bag.
"Never complained of being lonely.... I also went through hell! If you are lonely, call your numerous boyfriends! Today should be the last time you would bring up this topic." She said walking away...
"Ti-wa" Miss Eyiwunmi called in a whisper, Tiwa stopped in her tracks... She paused and faced her.
"What?" She barked...
"You look more chubby... See your sides, your legs are swollen too... Your breast are getting bigger... Hope it is not what I am thinking?" She searched through her daughter's eyes, her face filled with suspicion.
"What are you thinking?" She eyed her Mother, hissed and left.
"Olami, I am pregnant!" She said in a shaky voice as she walked into the room in her see-through nightie holding a strip of PT.
"Shhh" he shushed her. "Keep your voice down." He warned as dropped his laptop on the bed and walked closer to her.
"What is this?" Gori asked as he collect the strip.
"I went to see my mum yesterday and she complained of some changes in my body system.... Olami, today is twenty-seventh and I have not seen my period." She was worried.
"Calm down, it is just few days late... Moreso, sheybi sometimes it ranges from twenty-two days to twenty-six days."
"Gori, the last time I saw my period was on the twenty second. That means it is almost ten days late."
"That's true... So what is this?" He said inspecting the strip he was holding.
"That is a pregnancy test kit, I got it yesterday. I was to use it before bed or early in the morning."
"So what?" He was still hanging.
"I urinated in a bowl and dipped the strip in for some minutes... Can you see this lines?" She said pointing to the two red lines on the strip, Gori nodded. "If it is one, it means I am negative... But now that it is two... Ola, I am positive... I am almost two month gone... Six weeks or thereabout..." He explained.
"How come it is two month when your last period was last month... We never had sex till a week or two later...."
"You start calculating from your last cycle." She replied.
"So you're pregnant....?" He asked scratching his scalp.
"Yes." She looked into his eyes expecting the worst.
"No problem.... Let's rest." He pulled her closer to himself, he was worried too, his mother would be disappointed in him, she was a deaconess and the church prayer cord. He took a deep breathe, it was his life, that would be his first child. He kissed her forehead as he laid her carefully in bed..

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