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Friday, 9 February 2018


Gori was sitted at one corner of the Bar, he came to drown himself in few bottles of Vodka in other to forget his worries. He wanted Tiwa to keep her baby,yet he knew he had disappointed his mother. He removed his sunglasses and wiped his sweat with an handkerchief.
"Can I sit here." The voice was so angelic and calm, his raised his head to meet the gaze of a fair lady in a very skimpy gown. He immediately lusted over her and the song playing in his head was Iyanya "ur waist". The lady was tall, far taller than him, she had a small waist, boobs with a big bum.
"Yeah dear." He said, he could not take his eyes off her. She was looking so beautiful.
"I am Edna but you call me Eddy..." She smiled revealing her cream set of teeth.
"I am.....
" G-boy" she interrupted, she looked back and winked at some girls who were laughing and hailing.
"You are a popular man and I'll be glad to be a friend to the powerful internet mogul." She said as she dipped a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.
"Whao... I like you too... You are beautiful." Edna blushed as she handed her phone to him.
"Your number please." She smiled, Gori smiled as he handed the phone to her.
"Call me and let us meet." Solo walked straight to where they were sitted and took his seat uninvited.
"Hello... OmoG." He greeted.
"Gboy." He corrected.
"Long time... Sorry about your dad's death."
"Oh... That! I'm over it." He said with a smile placed across the corner of his mouth.
"I think I have to leave..." Edna said as she stood up.
"Call me five tomorrow... Let's meet at Jakan hotel and resorts." Edna nodded, smiled and left.
"G-boy, the fuckmaster." Solo hailed. "Anyways, can we just get over everything that happened between us? We are friends and neighbours right?" Gori nodded. "I am sorry, bro."
"We're cool now... I'm sorry too." They shook hands and laughed.
"Do they have champagne here?"
"Let us meet at Jay club tonight to celebrate our reunion." Solo offered.
"Good bro."
Everything goes down in Jay's club, there were strippers, prostitutes,gays and lesbians. Solo and Gori were sitted at the VIP section, empty,half-filled and untouched bottles of wines littered the tables. They were both engrossed in the strippers show they were seeing.
"G-boy, I've something to tell you."
"What is that?" He asked As he puffed out smoke from his nostrils.
"I'm aware you're tracking down the Green." Gori was silent.
"Who told you?" Gori was surprised.
"Dan might not be who you thought he is..." Gori smiled.
"I know."
"I have some pieces of information you might wanna need."
"Information? About the Green?"
"Yeah of course... It might help you in your quest of knowing the leader of the Green."
"Tell me..." His eyes were widened... He could not wait to track the leader and destroy their charm.
"It is affecting me too...."
"Their leader controls all yahoo guys in this states, if you are a working guy... He will allow you blow alil before blowing the whistle... He will invite you for a talk of sharing your gain fifty-fifty, later seventy-thirty. He is strong and powerful but no one knew who he was. Do you know The Green has a young fraternity in this hood?
" you mean?"
"You know all this eiye fraternity and all... There is young Green too.. It is a coded secret cult... Very deadly too... They are involved in all forms of crimes. They rape, kill and all. It is rumored that one of them knows the identity of the green himself."
"Do you have the list of these people?" Gori asked.
"They are seven too... I've five names here, the identity of the two are yet to be unveiled." He explained
"The Green.. Uhn!".

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